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Cwv Week 5 Notes

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Essay Preview: Cwv Week 5 Notes

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Topic 5 Review

This topic review is a tool designed to prepare students for the Topic 5 Quiz. Instructors will grade the topic review for completion. Save the topic review to your computer and submit when complete.

When completing this review, answers should be in your own words or quoted with quotation marks, and be drawn from one of the course readings (textbook and lecture referenced below), or other sources listed in the syllabus. Outside sources, including internet sites, are not acceptable. When quoting and paraphrasing, include all authors' last names for citations that have multiple authors. For quoted citations, be sure to include the page or paragraph number(s).

The quiz will be graded for accuracy, so take time to seek the correct answers for this topic review before you attempt the quiz. Once you start the quiz, do not exit the quiz until the entire quiz is completed. Exiting out of the quiz before it is complete may result in a zero grade.

Please type your answers below each question.

1. Summarize Romans 3:20-26.

No one will be declared righteous in God’s eyes because they follow the law. The law only makes us aware of our sins. Everyone is equal in God’s eyes, for we have all sinned. God sent Jesus as atonement for our sins.

2. Summarize Matthew 5:44.

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

3. How does the textbook interpret Matthew 18:21-35 and the Christian’s ability to forgive others?

We must be able to forgive others the way God forgives us. We cannot expect the Lord to have mercy on us when we fail to have mercy on those who have done us wrong.

4. Describe the Christian view of salvation and how it differs from the views of other religions.

We believe that God’s grace is never earned. Other religions believe that through good deeds or work it can be earned.

5. What three words beginning with “R” used in the lesson and lecture summarize the gospel message?

Renewal- the work of the Holy Spirit within us to eternity.

Redemption- salvation when we repent and accept God into our lives.

Rescue- God rescued us from eternal damnation through the sacrifice of Jesus.

6. Briefly summarize Isaiah 53:4-6.

Like sheep we have strayed for our shepard. We did not accept Lord, we struck him down and yet he took our pain and sin.

7. What is the mark of a Christian according to Jesus in John 13:35?

We love one



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