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Cvw 101 - Gospel Essentials

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Crystal Goden



Steve Duby

Gospel essentials

        Christian worldview is how we view and live in the world we are in today. Our choices and how we treat others is based on our Christian faith. There are many different worldviews like Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism and Atheism. Each one is different in their own ways. Many have a different view of how or who created the universe. We as Christians follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many question the teachings of the bible and what we believe in. Christian worldview consists of God, Humanity, Jesus and restoration.


        To a Christian God is the creator of all things. He is the all mighty and powerful.  Jesus is his son, the holy spirit. God is good, righteous, honest, almighty and compassionate. He is wise and forgiving. God created the world our of his love and made is like him. “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1) “So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God, he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27) God is more than we will ever know. We will never fully be able to explain, describe or understand him and his power.


        What makes us human is our human nature. We are different from any other creature on the earth because of the ways we think, feel and reason. Although there are a few animals that can almost do those things we are different in how we do them. We were created in the image of God and his purpose for us was to rule over his creations. Therefore, we have a relationship to God and serve him as he asks us too. Although God created many creature’s humans are the only who can communicate with him. We communicate through worship, prayer, faith. We follow his word and love all mankind despite all the differences many people have. The problems humanity face are sins. Sins have been with us since the beginning when eve took the bite of the apple from the forbidden tree. The serpent convinced the Eve to eat the fruit. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil” (Genesis 3:5) This is much like the peer pressure we all face today. From this one sin began the fall and the world began to be full of sin. Because of the first sin we all now feel pain and suffering in our lives. Without sin our world would have lives pure of heart and nature and many of the things now happening would have never came about.


        Jesus is the Messiah, the son of god who gave his life so that we may live. Jesus was sent to earth in human form to spread the word of God. He traveled the earth doing good for all those he encountered. He fed the hungry, healed the sick and performed miracles with is healings. Jesus showed that no mater our sins, age, color, gender we can find salvation with believing in him.  He died a horrible death pinned to a cross for our sins. He resurrected 3 days later as he promised to his disciples. This showed us to have faith and believe in his word. As a Christin we know we can bring our sins to him and ask for his forgiveness. We can gain a new start if we confess our sins and believe in his forgiveness. With having faith in him and walking his path, believing in him we will have everlasting life. We will be accepted into the gate of heaven and live eternal life in heaven.


        To Christian worldview the solution of human problems is salvation through Jesus Christ. Christianity proclaims that Jesus is the only way to salvation. It seems to be the only faith that offers salvation. If we give all our sins to God and have faith in him and his word we will reach salvation. As Christians we believe that the transformation of ourselves and society can happen through our Lords and savior’s grace. When we are saved and more spiritually enhanced we become a better person and can help society and use our worldview to guide us.


        Christianity helps set a guideline for how we treat our fellow man. The way God would want us to. Some strengths of Christian belief are having faith and hope. We hope to have an eternal life with the Lord and have faith that this will happen if we believe in God and continue his work. As Christians we are to live and spread his word without trying to profit from it. We are to work to make the world a better place like Jesus did as he walked the earth helping those in need. The world today can be filled with much greed and people are more worried about what they can get out of others than what they can do for others. Christianity helps people think about wanting to make a change in the world and help people learn and receive the ultimate reward. When you become a Christian all the behavior that was wreck less and full of sin become a thing of the past. Christians want to set the example of how to live life following the word of God like Jesus did. Even as Christians we can fall off the path and off track, but faith in the Lord and asking for forgiveness can guide us back on the path he has for us.



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