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Customer Relationship Management

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        I am currently on my entrepreneurial journey and I am starting my packaged drinking water company.

 Customer Relationship management is something that will be important in my packaged drinking water business. I need to know what my client’s needs and what will be their demand.  It also includes how I will attract customers. The overall customer handling and attracting new customers and also understanding the overall perspective falls under customer relationship management.  CRM has been integrated in the overall system. More personalization and modification with customization is possible through customer relationship management.  This concept will be important in the package water business as I need to know the feedback, the customer perspective, their trend of demand and so on. I need to provide a complete solution to each and every customer.  I need to integrate their perspective and work on their feedback to sustain my business.  

Information technology is also another thing that will be important.  This helps in integrating my customer, my supplier into one platform. I may have my client or customer like Annapurna hotel. This week concept helped me in analyzing the ways I can integrate Annapurna Hotel into overall system of my company. The customer relationship management helps in creating a sustaining or long lasting relationship with the customer. I need to consider their feedback and build accordingly as they are to be one of my primary customer. Management information system will play a huge role in success of my company. Management information system in simple terms is to process data and integrate it with other things and procedures. MIS helps innovation which will be important in my packaged drinking water company. The information system helps me track each and every activities. It helps me identify those steps in business process that is not adding any kind of vale to the final product. I can reengineer or completely remove that step accordingly. It helps me track my employees work productivity and helps me hire right kind of people for the right kind of job (Orlikowski, 1992). Information system helps me keep my inventory level storage cost to minimum. Inventory cost is reduced as I will be able to produce the mineral water bottle in respect to demand in the market. This is possible through integration of customer relationship management in the system. I can keep track of the behavior, the demand pattern of the consumer and work accordingly.



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