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Current Issues and Traditions of Religion

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Essay Preview: Current Issues and Traditions of Religion

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Current Issues

The war over Palestine has been talked about world wide lately. The Jewish and the Islam's are fighting over who should control their land. During this time they have been killing innocent people and many children who have not been involved in the debates.

Sexual abuse against children has been a major issue in the Jewish world. Rabbis have been abusing children, seeking them out over the internet and in the churches.

Sacred Traditions

One sacred tradition of Judaism is that "Sabbath and holidays are marked by special observances, and attendance at public worship is considered especially important" (Unknown, 2003). The people of Judaism are very strict about their religion and the discipline of such practices.

Bar mitzvah is a celebration of when a boy turns thirteen. They are celebrating the passing into manhood. The family generally throws a large party with many gifts to celebrate with friends and family.


Current Issues

Abortion has been a major issue among Christians for many years. The general consensus of the Christian faith is that nobody should abort a pregnancy. They are pro-choice and wish to save the lives of many unborn each year.

Evolution has been a pressing issue today among the Christian faith. They have been battling among themselves to prove or disprove Evolution. Everybody has their own belief, and they are having regular heated debates on the topic.

Sacred Traditions

The book of God also known as the Bible is very sacred to the people of Christian faith. This is the book that guides them step by step through life and helps them understand the many trials they are put through.

The celebrations of the days of Christ, such as his birth and death are holidays celebrated by the Christian faith. These two days of Easter and Christmas are know very well in the United States.


Current Issues

The Islam world is facing an issue right now of countries wanting to stop the hate towards women that is practiced. The book of Koran, which



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