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Critical and Creative Thinking in Society

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Critical and Creative Thinking in Society

Critical thinking and creative thought is extremely important in the field the writer is in. The quality of work he or she is working on depends on critical thinking and creative thought. Each vehicle that comes in has a problem the mechanics need to critical think about what needs to be done to fix the vehicle. Sometimes the situation is not good and I as the manger and service writer need to be creative in telling customers the bad news about their vehicle. Thinking creatively helps to overcome some of these situations.

The definition of free will is when people have choices when it comes to making decisions like whether to watch a movie or finish doing homework. Another example is getting up to go to work, although it may look compulsive, it really is a choice a person makes every day (, 2014).

Truth "Truth is what so is about something, the reality of the matter, as distinguished from what people wish were so, believe to be so, or assert to be so" (Ruggiero, 2012). The truth never changes. A person makes the choice based on what the truth is. If a person does not go to work then that person becomes a burden on society.

Knowledge can change as new information is available. Ideas do not constitute knowledge unless they correspond to reality (Ruggiero, 2012). The knowledge of wanting to go to work relates to the reality of having a roof over their head or bills being paid.

A person's opinion can be intensely personal. It is understandable that a person has strong feeling about their own opinion (Ruggiero, 2012). A person's opinion may not be the truth but for an individual it is a personal view and not anyone else's.

The three hindrances to the critical thinking process is overcoming resistance to change. By having an open mind and welcoming new ideas. Being open to change does not mean a person needs to accept every new idea (Ruggiero, 2012). Overcoming conformity is another critical thinking process. The right way to fight conformity is to think for yourself and not worry about what others think or feel. The critical thinking process to overcome is self-deception. When we are able to decide honestly what information we need to solve a problem and then, after acquiring that information and evaluate the information fairly have we learned to be honest with ourselves (Ruggiero, 2012).

When faced



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