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Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is the awareness of a set of interrelated critical questions and the ability to ask and answer critical questions at appropriate times, and desire to actively use the critical questions. Critical Thinking requires a skills and attitude. Critical Thinking is a process of listing things that you should do such as consistent with sprit, curiosity, wonder, and intellectual adventure. Critical structure provides a structure for critical thinking that supports a continual, ongoing search for better opinions, decisions, and judgments.

Decision-making is a problem solving activity that on. That helps you get to a decision for a problem. The authors of the material in this course define Critical thinking, and Decision-Making as something that people go through every day. In the materials that I have read in the course so far insinuates that decisions are human constants. They suggest that decisions are not natural. There are several kinds of decision. One example is collective "decisions". Collective decisions can be analyzed within a relational and social constructivist paradigm.

I think that Critical Thinking, and Decision-Making is very important. I think that Critical Thinking, and Decision-Making work together. If you want to be a good Decision-Maker you need to first know the appropriate step to retaining information, categorizing the level of importance and, following the correct process.

The benefit of Critical Thinking is that you are able to make good decisions. Your decisions are more likely to have good outcomes. When you think critically you are able

to absorb more information, which make you more capable to understand the complexities of the world. You will acquire knowledge that will set the foundation for more complicated thinking. Being able to be relatively passive a benefit because it does

not require mental effort. It will also make you a more thoughtful person. I feel that a lot of problems stem from other bad decisions made prior to you current problem. Critical Thinking will release stress in your life. There are fewer problems to be worried about.

I feel that I at this point of my life, I am not a critical thinker. I am a person that acts instantly. I do not take enough time to think about what I am doing. I do not appropriately way the importance



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