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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is a way in which available information is interpreted to reach a logical premise or conclusion. An example, is when a statement tries to influence a reader's opinion on a topic, critical thinking will be used to analyze the

statement for factual data. Critical thinking will cause the reader to look for data within the statement that can support the writer's idea.

What is decision making? Decision making is the implementation of a choice from many available options. This can be as simple as the decision of whether to act, or as complex as selecting many actions from many possibilities. People make decisions constantly, based on experience, best guesses, or impulses. Based on these factors it is not always easy to make the correct decision.

What do the authors of materials for this course say they are? Critical thinking is defined as making judgments and drawing conclusions based on objective evidence. By asking a particular set of questions about an issue, it can be determined whether that issue has merit, or is only an opinion. Decision making is a method of resolving issues within an organization. These issues can range from very small things to matters affecting the existence of a business. There is no fixed formula for making all decisions, and some people make better decisions than others. It is the decision making process of those individuals who consistently make good decisions that are to be studied and implemented.

What do I think they are? I see critical thinking as the ability to review and analyze data in order to determine its factuality. When I research something, I am looking for proven facts, to use to build an argument. I then incorporate that analyzed data in a way to support my opinion or stance on a topic. Decision making is the method I use to make choices based on previous experiences, opinion, and the critical analysis of researched data. Choices I make may affect more than just me as in the Learning Teams formed in this class, but because I make them, they remain associated with me and reflect on me. If I make a good decision, it may be appreciated for a little while, but if I make a bad decision everyone may remember it for quite some time.

What are the benefits of being a critical thinker? A significant



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