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Cristof of the Truman Show

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Essay Preview: Cristof of the Truman Show

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He is the God of his own little world, he directly tells all what to do in his world, and he brings millions of people together around the world for one man, and his name is Christof. In the movie The Truman Show Truman is living in a world where everyone knows his life is shown on worldwide television but him. He lives in a giant dome created by a man named Christof. He is also the director of the Show. He could be looked at as the god of this small world he created because he controls everything that goes on inside the set and he basically rules out Truman and the actor’s lives for them. Even though the viewers enjoy watching the show a lot of the viewers don’t really know Christof and they might have some questions about his viewpoints and motives. People might wonder why he decided to broadcast a random person’s entire life in a fake world, why he would think that he is morally correct, or why he would sacrifice so many things in life for this show.

Christof is an extremely creative person because he was the one who thought of the idea of this show. His idea to take a person put him in a fake environment and make him believe his life is completely normal takes a lot of creative thinking. It is amazing to think that he could take a huge chunk of the United States and make it a giant TV set without much objection by the people. The biggest reason why people don’t mind this huge set is because they love the show and they love Truman. There could be a few reasons for why Christof’s created the show. He could have created the show because he had an ambition to do something that would change the world or he could have done it for the fame and fortune. I don’t think he created the show for the money. I think he did it because he wanted to create something that the whole world could fall in love with and learn from. There is also evidence that he is not doing this for the money because he doesn’t have all the places in the real world to spend it, he probably just uses his profits to make improvements in his world. I think Christof is in this business for self accomplishment and not greed.

Many people have different perspectives on the moral status of the show. Some people think it is great that Truman is in a safe place and living a good happy life without all the evil in the real world. Others think that what Christof is doing is



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