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Essay Preview: Cooking

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Oanh Lai


Ms. Griffith

Period: 2


            Eating is a universal necessity. Everyone everywhere must eat for the energy to work and live each day. Eating also is a cultural for many touchstone around the world. Perhaps in the past, historically, people thought that eating was just simple as they picked and collected food from the trees or hunted animals. But when the human race developed, it caused everything else to develop including the necessities of people. They began to think that eating is not just something to keep us alive. At this point, eating and enjoying delicious food became a  hallmark of our societies, including the wonderful way people process and layout the food.

    That is why, in this time, people who are cooking every day have many chances to develop deep skills and earn respect from others.Why? Because those who become chefs all have a duty to make delicious dishes for many people so they are worthy to get respect from everybody.

Being a chef might sound simple, but it is not easy to make food that looks and tastes so perfect. One needs to know how to choose the best quality and the techniques of cooking, including how to lay of the food property and how to manage food safety. way we cooking to the way we lay out the food and most important that the dish you made must be safe to people.

   Some people may think cooking is just a daily work to make meals. For me, however,  cooking is a serious. I have always enjoyed cooking when I was little. I love to cook so much and I always watch my mom when she cooked. My first memory when I cooked that when I was ten. I didn’t follow any recipe because I wanted to make my own. The first dish I made was noodle with bell pepper. I served it to my family and they said it was delicious. I was so happy and immediately wanted to make more. After that, I wanted to make more dishes but I didn’t have a chance because my mom was worried that I would mess up everything. Sometimes I cooked when my mom wasn’t at home and after I cooked, I cleaned up all what I had done.

To day, I want to be a chef and create new delicious and healthy dishes. I want to help people who have digestive issues, so they can eat many delicious dishes without worrying about their health problems. Cooking reduces my stresses. There are so many reasons why I love to cook. First of all, it keeps me happy in my life. Whenever I feel sad or upset, cooking makes me relax because when I’m cooking I don’t have to think about the issues that made me unhappy. Secondly, I make people around me happy by giving them my food. One more good thing about cooking that I’m happy and satisfied when I cook for my family and my friends. Thirdly, cooking also helps me to expand my creativity by planting of decorating my dishes.



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