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Convenience and Quality of Output

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Convenience and Quality of Output

Handheld computer. Commonly referred to as PDAs (personal digital assistant), a computer

that provides a calendar and organizer for personal information. A PDA normally contains at

least one database with names and addresses, to-do lists and a notepad. The best method of

output for PDAs would be a screen, because most people can easily read them, and their display

can change quickly.

Color photograph. Best output for this situation is an ink-jet, due to the high printing quality

that a color photograph demand. High-end ink jet printers offer resolutions of up to 4800 by

1200 dots per inch, which makes them suitable for printing high quality graphics and photos.

Resume. Laser or ink-jet would be best for printing resumes, because of their printing

quality, and the reason for that is it would be treated as a business letter, therefore you need a

letter quality print.

Memorandum. A memorandum does not need a high quality output, because is used between

offices of the same organization that are only circulated within a business. As a result you could

use a draft-quality printers to produce output that, although readable, is not of the quality that

would normally be acceptable for a business letter.

Statistical Report. If is within an organization a draft quality paper or a projector like a

power point presentation. If outside the organization for a statistical report a high quality letter

should be fine.

Company annual report. For the company annual report a high volume page printer which



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