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Contemporary Issue Categories Medical Ethics

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Sua Kim

2017. 8. 28

Contemporary Issue Categories Medical Ethics

Article “Reasons Why Abortion Should be Illegal”, Written By Neha Joshi, August 2nd 2016, 

Article Summary

The article “Reasons Why Abortion Should be Illegal” discusses 8 major reasons why abortion should be outlawed. First, every person has the right to life and this right should never be deprived by anybody. Second, abortion can influence harmful consequences to the woman. As the procedure of removing the fetus is not natural, it will harm the uterus. Third, abortion can lead women feeling guilty of her actions, preceding to depression. Fourth, abortion is considered unethical. Fifth, woman should not be deciding whether if she wants to continue with her pregnancy or not. Sixth, legalizing abortion has the possibility of making abortion “normal”, neglecting the fact that abortion is simply a better word for murder. Teenagers will not feel conscience towards abortion, further encouraging them to commit unprotected sex. Seventh, there are governmental programs which are designed to take care of mothers who have low-income to support their child. And last, there are many adoption centers who will willingly take their child; therefore, teenagers should not be choosing to abort their child due to social pressures.

Describe the Evidence

The first evidence that the author proposes in her article is that there is a right to life for every human existing in the world. However, I do not think that it is right to give this right to every fetus, rather, should be asked about what is the standard of evaluating what is human? Some might conceive a fetus as a human while some might conceive fetus as a step before being a human. Therefore, there is sufficient possibility of the opposition side to question about this argument, what if people do not consider fetus as human, therefore should not be given a right to live yet? In such facets, the article would have been more convincing if she had defended her point of why fetus should be considered human and be given a right to life.

The article mentions in her fourth paragraph that abortion can lead to pernicious outcomes on woman who has undergone the procedure of abortion. For instance, the article suggests that studies have shown the increased likelihood of breast cancer in women who aborted their child. By providing this evidence, it back-ups the argument furthermore. However, it is a little unconvincing as the article simply demonstrates the main topic of the study. If the article had suggested a detailed and a scientific reason why there is an increased percentage of breast cancer as well as providing a source for his statistics, it would have been more supportive for her argument

The article also argues that there are governmental systems and programs that are offered for low-income families or teenagers who do not possess enough wealth to support their child’s future growth and development. On the other hand, I believe that this argument simply addresses the main purposes of such programs, but does not address the reality of our society. Although there are existing programs in many countries, it is difficult for the government to provide financial aid to every member of low-income families to support their child. And often times, these systems are not well acted out. Although the government do provide financial aids, they are most times provided in a very low level; not enough to support a single month. I think that this is the reason why there are increasing numbers of abortion coming to action these days, and the article fails to address this reality in her evidence.

The article also comments that abortion is equal to a murder. However, I think that this is a biased opinion disregarding the woman’s circumstance. Women might not be in a financial situation where she could afford her child, or there might be strong oppressions from her parents not allowing her to have a child. Defining abortion as a murder feel very hostile and disrespectful towards people who disagree with the article and will be hard to open their minds. If the article had used a smoother phrase instead of murder, it might have been more better written for all people, even towards ones who have opposing arguments.



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