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Consumer Good and Evil

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Consumer Good and Evil

What is the difference between good and evil? What is good? What is evil? These are questions we humans ask ourselves at least once in our short lives. Is good right? Is Evil wrong? We waste out lives pondering these meaningful questions. I believe the definition of good and evil can be defined by the economic services offered to the public. For example the difference between Charitable Crusaders* and Stuff Mart*, Mom and Pap's cafй* and McDoogles*, Joe's barbershop and Bidel Basson Hair salons*, I believe good and evil, right and wrong, are evident through these stores and businesses.

Charitable Crusaders is an independents organization similar to a thrift store. This organization cares for the people they serve. In the month of December they raise a lot of money so they can afford to sell their items cheaper. Charitable Crusaders cares, unlike Stuff-Mart, who is stingy and only care for the profit. They care nothing for the people they serve or the people that they employ. Stuff-Mart is the definition of evil because of its greedy and uncaring ways. Because of Stuff-Mart's practices, people have to spend more money and life is just overall harder. Charitable Crusaders is good and right because they love the people that they serve. They strive to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, unlike fairytales, the evil wins over good. Stuff-Mart is shopped at more because the quality is better and more survives are available, at a fe e. Charitable Crusaders, being a nonprofit organization, cannot compete with Stuff-Mart and lives off donations. In this case, evil triumphs over the good in the form of profits and overall consumerism. I believe that, sometimes, this is how life works out.

McDoogles is the spawn of all evil in the restaurant world. It was crated to be a prostitute: fast, cheep, and easy! But in the process of being so has stopped caring about the people it was serving. Their food is high in fat, unhealthy and has contributed greatly to the obesity that is becoming rampant in America. Because of its cheap prices it is more readily available than other restraints. If McDoogles is the spawn of all evil then Mom and Pap's cafй is all that is good and right in the world. These small restaurants are privately owned and well-taken care off. In this respect, the people who own them care more about the people that they serve. The people who works there are friendly, welcoming, and problely know more about yourself then you do. Mom and Pap's cafй exert good feelings and cares about your well-being, therefore, there food is healthier, freshly made not preprocessed and more for



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