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Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behaviour Week 2 Keller

Umer Khan Consumer Behavior SecA

Week 2 Video Case Study

What led UPS to pursue an integrated marketing communications approach? What was the promotional objective as it repositioned itself in the "synchronized commerce" market space?

Integrated market communication was required in order to get the maximum business out of the market. It was important for UPS to make the market understand that they are not only the package delivery company but they do so much more than just the package delivery. "Synchronized commerce" the name was given to this marketing model / market space.

The need to pursue for integrated communication market was required when UPS had to change its image in the market. It was important for market to know that there is a leading edge company which can do much more than just delivering the package. The reason of adopting the integrated market communication was to create a bridge or channel of communication between the customer/consumer and the company. Company wanted each and every customer to walk through the same journey of innovation what UPS was going through. And with this message of their capabilities was communicated to the consumer.

Promotional objective for the synchronized commerce was to get the potential business from the core market which was unaware of the capabilities of the company. Working this out was a good opportunity for the company to re-model their own shape in the market and to be known as A LEADING COMPANY in not only packaging but other benefitting solutions to any and or all businesses. To position company in different model different approaches were used which included Executive talking to the employees , US advertising program - internationally/nationally, business print -trade print , radio for the local market place as front desk/front office. All these approaches were part of the integrated marketing communication which almost took every aspect of business in to consideration.

Getting to the very core of market and spreading the message out helped UPS to grow in multi-dimensional way and "Making brown cool" was not just a Message now. It was new trend offered to the market. Background of word "COOL" was to communicate the message to the consumer that "we are cool as we do all that you u may think of as far as shipping, packaging, Communication is concerned... In case we don't have what you require we might have something that may help you in more effective way. With the integrated marketing approach or synchronized commerce most of the solutions to the routine market problems were addressed and market started responding to message tremendously. Which has lead UPS to be the leading edge service provider in the market and has challenged the competitors in more than enough areas.

Why was it logical for UPS to have four different marketing approaches?

It was important for UPS to use different marketing approaches due to different consumer base and due to multiple service UPS provides. Understanding the consumer behavior UPS worked on the market targeted in to following criteria's

Shipping decision makers

Front office decision makers

Small business decision makers

Senior level decision makers

Anyone and Everyone

Above mentioned are the different segments of the market where mostly the consumer is using the services from UPS. In 2004 they used four segments of the target market to identify business opportunities. It was important to create consumer brand building



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