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Conclusion on Prada Aoyama Bld

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Essay Preview: Conclusion on Prada Aoyama Bld

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Hi I wrote a conclusion since I have to present our thoughts on the building and I don't think we need to include our thoughts in an essay. (I think) so all am just doing is summarizing a little of what you guys have said or written if its not good I can re do it so what do you think.

By the way if anyone needs anything else to be done feel free to ask me.


The Prada Aoyama building is an amazing piece of architecture that speaks for it's self with its convex and concave glass panes that act as an interactive optical device and enable one to have a great shopping experience and enjoy the outside scenery at the same time. It may look sharp with its diamond like structure but it blends well with most of the retail construction especially the newer construction on Omotesando Avenue, aligns with the other buildings and the Japanese construction laws of not overshadowing the neighboring buildings and depriving them of day light. The building fits into its architectural style and within the structure everything is well integrated to fit right. Time has only got it to be noticed as one of the great new buildings of modern architecture in many Japan Travel guides. Time is also yet to have a negative impact on the structure and hopefully it won't. The epicenter serves both the young and old group of people who are interested in Prada products. The Precedents for the building are vertical flexible architecture and this can be seen in the diamond cutting edges. H&dM concentrated on vertical volume to achieve large floor areas and a spacious entrance to create the right atmosphere for Prada shoppers. This open plan is adaptable to new future uses. It is another of Herzog and de Meurons' great creations and in a way speaks for both their previous, current and future works to come.



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