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Concentric Network Corporation

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Concentric Network Corporation provides complete, easy-to-use Internet business solutions for small to medium-sized companies and customized Virtual Private Network and data center services for larger organizations. Concentric's portfolio of services for small to medium-sized companies includes high-speed DSL access, Web hosting and e-commerce. For larger organizations, the company offers dedicated Web hosting services and VPN solutions that enable an organization to securely and reliably communicate with its offices, mobile sales force, business partners, vendors and customers.

Concentric offers a comprehensive portfolio of Web hosting and e-services for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as high capacity data center solutions for larger enterprises or Internet-centric companies. Concentric Web Solutions make it easy to do business on the Web and are engineered to grow with customers businesses as they expand.

The ConcentricHost™ portfolio includes highly reliable Web hosting, e-commerce, domain parking and e-mail services for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with services based on shared or dedicated NT and UNIX servers. The ConcentricHost line includes EasySite, the first template-driven Web site builder that comes complete with content, graphics and colors and enables customers to build a site with no HTML or Web design experience. Sites built with EasySite can also be easily upgraded to a full e-commerce store.

Concentric for Small Business Server is a complete suite of Internet access and hosting services for Microsoft® BackOffice® Small Business Server customers.

ConcentricCenter™ includes reliable and high-performance dedicated hosting, distributed server hosting, e-commerce and data center services for larger enterprises and Internet-centric companies. Concentric's Peak Protection service is ideal for companies that do not want to rely on a single hosting provider, Internet Service Provider, or an internal data center for hosting and data center services. The service intelligently balances traffic between Concentric hosting centers and other server locations while providing fail-over insurance.

Concentric also offers complete programs for resellers from small Web developers to large telecommunication companies looking to resell co-branded or completely private labeled hosting and e-commerce services.

Access Services:

Concentric offers a full-range of high-speed dedicated access services to connect multiple, dispersed network sites, providing Internet, intranet and LAN access across a VPN. Most of these services have latency and throughput guarantees and are priced based on average usage.

Options include FullChannel T1™ and T3, FlexChannel T1™ and T3, LECFrame Relay, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), and wireless services. Concentric is working with several carriers to offer DSL services in major cities across the U.S. The company plans to expand coverage nationally throughout 1999.

A broad range of Internet access options are available for individuals, telecommuters and small businesses, including Internet access, Web hosting, e-mail, chat, file transfer protocol (FTP), and online shareware services. A team of customer support experts back all Concentric services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Private Networks:

The Concentric Enterprise VPN™ (EVPN) is a business-critical wide-area networking solution that enables an organization to securely and reliably communicate with its offices, business partners, vendors, customers, and employees (both local and remote). Customers can also take advantage of turnkey security solutions with Concentric's Managed Security Service.

Available in conjunction with Concentric EVPN, ConcentricQoS™ is the industry's first service providing differentiated quality of service (QoS) capabilities for VPNs, including fully-managed bandwidth monitoring, utilization management and customer-specific traffic prioritization capabilities.

Concentric CustomLink™ is a unique VPN offering that gives an organization a direct, individualized online connection to their customers.

Concentric RemoteLink™ enables mobile employees, telecommuters and business partners to securely and cost effectively dial into their enterprise network and use network resources as if they were locally connected.

Specialized VPN Applications:

Created in partnership with videoconferencing leader PictureTel, Concentric Video IP Services™ combine high-performance IP transport services with value-added directory and gateway services that bridge the IP and ISDN video worlds.

Concentric's IP voice services enable high-quality, cost-effective voice communications across a VPN. Concentric's Carrier IP Voice Services deliver aggressively priced, toll-quality international phone-to-phone calling to more than 200 countries around the world.


Concentric designed and operates a low/fixed latency, high-throughput, scalable

network. Based on an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) backbone, the Concentric network offers customers access via dial-up modems as well as high-speed connections. Concentric offers service level guarantees on dedicated connections that cover latency, network availability and dial access.

The Concentric network in the United States and Canada consists of 19 SuperPOPs in major metropolitan calling areas supplemented by approximately 144 traditional POPs located in smaller markets

Our reseller programs are designed to provide tailored solutions targeted to specific markets and include the which each market wants. You may cross sell products outside your reseller program when opportunities arise.

Reseller Programs

IMPACT/ Enterprise Partners

* Type of Reseller: Large systems integrator, Value Added Reseller, OEM focused on enterprise access market

* Market: Large scale enterprises who need Internet solutions

* Products: Virtual Private Networks, Remote Access, Dedicated Internet Access including DSL, Web Hosting

IMPACT/ Partner

Type of Reseller: Systems integrator, Value Added Reseller, focused on small business market

* Market:



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