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Computers and Information Processing

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University of Phoenix

CIS319- Computers and Information Processing

Mani Vijay

September 5, 2006

Hardware Components Paper

With the hard disk drives becoming a standard feature for most computers in the early 1980's, became a more permanent way to store data for a longer period of time. Today, the hard disk drive has become, "one of the most common form of mass storage for personal computer". (Fortunecity, n.d) The hard drive is made of a stronger aluminum alloy than typical floppy disks. The hard drive is to store data in the computer system directly. The hard drive gave computers the ability to remember data even if power goes out.

Audio and videotape is very similar to magnetic tape. This type of storage is a Mylar film coated with an iron oxide. Even though magnetic tape is slower than other forms of storage, it is mostly utilized as an off site storage in case of disasters damage to the main storage.

Floppy disk is similar to tape and record combine. They are used to transfer small amount of data to another computer. The diskette spins like a record and the heads move to the correct point on the disk. Floppy disks are best utilized for smaller portable storage files, such as resumes and company memo's.

RAM, also known as Random Access Memory. I would call RAM as the computer's short-term memory meaning that when the computer is turned off, the information is wiped out completely. (, 2006) RAM needs other form of storage such as a hard drive or CD-ROM to save its information.

CD-ROM was the next step in the storage revolution. This 4-inch disk can hold up to 48 times more memory than a typical 70-minute disk. With this new increased amount of portable storage, it is now possible to save large amounts of data such as spreadsheets, power point presentations and even a family album in CD-ROM.

In determine the speed on one's computer, the greater the RAM memory does not make ones computer to increase the speed automatically, but is means that larger programs can be loaded at one time. This occurs when there are too many programs loading at the same time; the computer



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