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Computer Systems Scenario

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Computer System Scenarios

When suggesting a system for a client it is of the important to keep their needs, wants, expectations, and financial situation in mind. Keeping true to this, it’s easy to see what would suit these situations best. First off; let me say, in all of the situations listed with the exception of SBI Corporation a desktop system would be sufficient

Based on the needs of the floral shop, a newer desktop PC, with the proper software and a Palm PC would work well. The Desktop system through software such as Peachtree would be efficient enough to keep track of Customer information, orders and it would allow them to bill clients electronically. The Palm could be synchronized keep track of customer locations and instructions. I

For the SBI Corporation, a Mainframe would be the best choice for them. Although, a desktop system could be configured to be a server a mainframe would be much more efficient for their needs. The larger employee pool, and demands would require a system that is much faster, can store more, and can work harder.

As for the Helping hands league; once again a desktop PC would be suitable for their needs. It can be setup to work as a workstation, to do specific functions. In this case, keeping track of volunteers and making schedules. Being that they do not have a great deal of money; desktops are cheaper and therefore suit their needs.

Now in the case of John; the Jazz musician, a notebook or a desktop system would be suitable. Based on my personal experiences, I am going to go outside of the realm of what has been shown in chapter two and make an extra recommendation. Being that John is looking to produce and record his own material, as well as keep track of his personal and professional finances, I would highly recommend a Macintosh system.

These notebooks and desktops have proven to be much more efficient and stable for audio recording and playback. John could also use the system to follow his finances and access the internet.

For the most part direct connect workstations have gone the way of the past. Desktops and notebooks are taking over the functions they used to handle. That is why in the situations above the desktop is more then suitable to handle their individual needs. For lack of a better way of putting it, “they are good work horses”.



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