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Computer Programs

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Cummins Inc. is a corporation that distributes, services and even manufactures diesel engines. Fuel systems, controls, filtration, emission solutions and even electrical power generation systems. This is only a little of what is made in the business of Cummins Inc. there is over 28,000 employees that is employed though this company. The jobs are very demanding when it comes to product. There is a lot of repetitive work and a lot of work that is run through computer programming.

There are a lot of programs to meet such a demand in diesel engines; there is AutoCAD, which is short for computer aided design. AutoCAD is a combination of software and hardware that enables the designer to make the blue prints for the next engine. With this program the system requires a high quality graphic monitor, mouse, even a digitalized tablet for the drawings of the engine.

With this program it allows the designer to take and view the drawings from different angles and even allows the designer to zoom in or out when it is necessary.

Microsoft Suite is software that gives desktop options of PowerPoint, which is used for the presentations that is shown to the new cliental or the potential business partners. Other desktop options with Microsoft suite is excel, word, and spread sheet.

Pro E or Pro Engineering is another software used by Cummins inc. this software allows the designer to make a complete 3d model of what the engine will look like and even give a time line of when the product will be finished. It gives the maximum production and tooling design, the assembly instructions and even a machine code. Pro E allows the ability to simulate the prototypes and can even give the ability to improve the product.

Lotus Notes is also used in Cummins inc. There are many benefits to using Lotus Notes and some of them are, it helps to minimize the risk to having computer viruses, which could make the programs not work. It gives the options to use email, calendar, IM and even has an option for web tooling. It allows the workers to be productive and efficient even when they are not connected to the network.

Employees who cannot report problems with their equipment for whatever reasons have a station in their area that is called a HMI screen. This touch screen allows the employee to find parts, to get a technician, to report any defaults that have taken place such as parts that were damaged on delivery, or maybe the part was made



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