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Computer Networking

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Executive Summary

The Chance Communications Corporation’s mission is to centralize its operations within

two office buildings, and an internal operations office.

The new telecommunications system has three main objectives to provide:

• Access to local data within each location

• Access to enterprise data, which will reside in the new office location

• Internet access to all users within the office buildings who require it

There are a number of issues to consider when designing a network. Tomsho states that “some of the most important questions to ask before construction a network layout include:

• How many Client computers will be attached?

• How many servers will be attached?

• What are the company’s plans for expansion?

• What kind of applications will run?

• Will this be a peer-to-peer or server-based network?

• How much fault tolerance do the applications require?

• How much money is available for building this network?

• What are the security considerations for this network?

• How will the physical architecture of the building influence decisions, such as whether to use a wired or wireless topology, or both?” (p. 61).

The answers to the abovementioned questions will provide useful input into the network design decisions. The telecommunication system proposed herein addresses all stated objectives. It provides access to local and enterprise data and to the internet for those who require it. It also will precede communications within and outside the business at a great cost savings over the existing system.

While the initial investment is significant, the returns would be enormous. Once the networks are built, the need for additional funding would end, and the private and/or public entity that receives the funding would own and operate the network without the need for ongoing federal subsidies. The goals for the Chance Communications Corporation are to develop and deploy a local area network (LAN),

Cabling Specifications

There are two types of cabling capabilities associated with LANs, the Ethernet and a wireless LAN. The Ethernet is a bus LAN topology. This type is widely used in network LAN topologies. There are three types of Ethernet wiring: The “thick” Ethernet, The “thin”



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