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Complex Approach in Management

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Besides the process approach, there is another important one: complex approach. And in this essay i’m going to focus on it.

At the beginning, i think, it is necessary to give a definition of complex approach.

Complex approach in making managerial decisions considers the most important interrelated and interdependent factors of external and internal environment of organization - technological, economic, environmental, organizational, demographic, social, psychological, political etc.

In the framework of the complex approach there are two specific approaches:

Searching approach - approach which focuses on the future and defines the state of the control object in the future while maintaining the present tendencies of its development;

Target approach - approach which is planning a targeted change of the control object in the future with regard to possible ways and time periods of the transition of the controllable subsystem from the current state to the desired state.

This is what i found about this approach. But there is also some information about approach which is quite similar to complex approach - «holistic approach». So i also decided to analyse it a little bit.

Holistic management is a decision-making framework that ensures our decisions are economically, environmentally and socially sound i.e. the triple bottom line. Holistic management enables you to develop a clear vision of the future you want.

Holistic management is a whole farm planning system that helps farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reap sustainable environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Such type of management has its roots in environmental management. But, as it is essentially a decision-making process it is applicable to people in all walks of life - households, both rural and urban based businesses, government and educational organisations. By changing the way we make our decisions, we can tackle many of the problems we face today.

  In management, the holistic approach consists of designing strategies that focus on all fundamental elements that make up the business units in question. Based on a broad and integrated vision, this approach leads to a global understanding of the health or deficiency of the business units, helping to restore and maintain balance between various elements.

The holistic approach to management begins with a diagnostic approach that allows interventions to be planned. The diagnosis is done to facilitate



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