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Comparison Between Sir Gawain and Don Quixote

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Essay Preview: Comparison Between Sir Gawain and Don Quixote

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Hassan Alramahi

ENG 203 M-W

Final Paper Essay

Comparison between Sir Gawain and Don Quixote

This story is talking about two characters. Sir Gawain and Don Quixote. Now, I am

going to express some of the ideas about the life that these two knights lived back

then. Was it good? Was it bad? The important question is do they deserve to be

called knights? A knight or I could say a “hero” should be different from all the

others with the things that he has like Honor, brave, love, Honesty, etc. Did one of

the knights have those features? That will explain who deserve the chivalric code 

and to be a knight. [a]

I will start talking about Sir Gawain life. When I read the story, I figured that he is

a brave man. I could explain that when Christmas come, the king Arthur king of

England wanted something fun to happen. After the strange thing that happened

in front of all the people by the show of the Green knight that basically humiliate

all the people with the present of their king about someone to dare him while no

one did the king Arthur stood to face him, but Sir Gawain stopped him and told

him not to waste his time with him, and he will go fight instead. He fought and

killed him by cutting his head. Then the shocking thing that the head spoke to Sir

Gawain and challenge him for another fight. He accepted the fight and went for

and adventure looking for the green chapel to find the Green knight and fight him

there. [b]

When[c] he settled in a castle of Bertilak de Hautdesert who lives with an old

women and his beautiful wife Sir Gawain betrayed the man who hosted by

cheating with his wife when he kissed her for the three days that stayed in the

castle[d]. Also, he stole the green lace that the wife said that it will protect any

warrior from being killed[e]. First it proves that he is a brave man by accepting the

challenge and went on a journey looking for the green knight to fight him.[f] I think

he did this to defend his dignity and prove that he is a knight. He was going along

with the trust of god that he will find him and fight him.[g] He wasn’t that loyal and

honest when he kissed the wife of Bertilak de Hautdesert and steal the green

lace, but he admits his mistake when he went back[h] and show the love to his wife

and told everyone to wear the green lace because he admits his failure but

everyone concepts him Nobel for all what he did.

The second knight is Don Quixote. His real name “Alonso Quixano”. He is from

the region of La Mancha in the central of Spain. He is a normal man. But from

reading a lot of stories, it makes him think that he is a knight, and he was created

to help the helpless people all over the country. He a lot of imagination thing was

created in his mind like his only job was to be a knight for a woman called

Dulcinea del Toboso[i]. He did a lot [j]of bad things like abandon kids with other

people. For example, when he abonden the kid to the farmer just because he

swore that he won’t harm him[k]. He used to release prisoners and hide in the[l] 

mounting from the police. Don Quixote thought that he should do all the

madness things to show love and get attention from his princess Dulcinea del



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