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Compare and Contrast Wcw with Wwf

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrast Wcw with Wwf

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The World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling have been battling for the top rated television program for about three years. Some people think that there is a clear favorite and other think that it is too close to call. Some of the aspects of one program are not shown in the other program but both have very strong cases. The World Wrestling Federation is my favorite because of it's advertising and programming but World Championship Wrestling has many qualities I like.

Every Monday night I sit every down and tune into the USA station to watch my favorite show, Monday Night Raw. Monday Night Raw showcases some of the world's most incredible athletes as the two hour program highlights their abilities. Some people say that this program is nothing but a soap opera for teenagers but I disagree. True that some of the roles played by the wrestlers would be better made for daytime television but it shows the audiences a little bit of the background of these wrestlers. The behind the scene footage is both comical and cynical at the same time.

While this program starts, World Championship Wrestling is already completed with its first hour. This show runs three hours long on the TNT station. While Raw is know for it's outrageousness, Nitro is know for its clean cut, technical wrestling. This program is the cleaner of the two as far as language and obscene gestures go. Many people enjoy this show because of the different groups involved with WCW. There are many factions in World Championship Wrestling such as; New World Order, Dirty Boys, The First Family, and the Triad.

The World Wrestling Federation has many different types of matches. There are the regular one fall matches and then there are the first blood, buried alive, and no holds barred anything goes matches. Some of these matches can be very interesting. While interesting, some could be a little brutal and bloody. I would advise the younger viewing audience to watch World championship Wrestling.

World Championship Wrestling consists of different but unique matches. Of course there are the regular matches. The other matches can consist of strap matches, career matches, and hardcore matches. The World Wrestling Federation also has hardcore matches but they are a lot more graphic. Although the World Championship Wrestling



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