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Company Database

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As a requirement for our Database Management System I subject, we were assigned to create a database design model for a certain company. Since our instructor allowed us to select any company, we chose Alrob Works Interactive; further details about this establishment will be explained in the later part of this article.

It’s been known that a company with a good business design flow would most likely be much more prone to success since it is the foundation on how a company should develop and progress. It is where business experts and analysts base their critical decisions especially in the part where crucial events take place.

Probably one of the most important characteristics of good business plan and design is the structure of their Database. Database is a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer. It is where records of a certain company will be placed and stored. Accompanied with a good Management System for the Database will create a better impact on the company’s decisions relating business. Also, with proper Database Management System, the recordkeeping of the company will definitely be easy, fast and accurate.

Tackling about the advantages of a DBMS, it will also depend on the structure of the database and especially the software being in use. In this project, we shall develop a database design for the company Alrob Works Interactive.

Background of the Company


Alrob Works Interactive is a business establishment related to different computer services. Their range of services is as follows:

1. Computer Rentals

2. Computer Repairs

3. Computer Software and Hardware Installations

4. Invitation Cards Design and Production

5. Cards and Document Laminations

6. Personalized Gifts and Giveaways

7. Printing Services

8. CD and DVD Writing

9. Photo Scanning

10. Software Designs

Business Rules

Since we found out that the company we approached does not have any database management system, we suggested that we would design a database for them as well as discuss with them some of the business rules appropriate for their company. The business rules we have developed for Alrob Works Interactive are as follows:

1. The rate for computer rentals shall be P5.00 per 30 minutes of usage. If a session of usage reaches more than the exact division of 30 minutes (example: total usage time is 2 hours and 7 minutes.), the excess of 7 minutes shall be charged P5.00. Therefore, as the example stated above, the user shall be charged for a total amount of P25.00. The first 30 minutes shall also be charged an amount of P5.00.

2. Computers to be repaired must be sent to the establishment. There shall be no home service allowed unless for some special cases. A home service may be performed but with some additional charges. A charge of 10% of the total repairs cost shall be applied.

3. The company shall not be held liable with regards to software piracy installations. The client should have with them their registered and licensed Operating System (for OS Installation); licensed software (from application software to utility software), and other software. The establishment shall only be of service for installation guide relating computer software and hardware.

4. Follow-up designs shall be charged differently from initial designs. Same as with design productions which includes printing and other means of producing hard copies. Any loss of raw materials shall be charged to the client according to the expenses related with the cost of materials.

5. The designs and concepts of personalized gifts shall depend greatly on the client, but shall still be charged differently from productions.

6. The company may accept raw materials to be provided by the client and shall be charged only by production cost excluding costs of materials being used.

7. Photo scanning rate is calculated not according to the size of the photos being scanned but by how many times the



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