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Company Comparison

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Some of the richest businesses in the world are companies which deal in public transportation. Aircraft are extremely complex and costly to build. Many man-hours are spent designing and manufacturing the preferred mode of long distance transportation. For this reason we felt that picking three major manufactures of aircraft would be an interesting sector of business with volumes of information and links to follow and utilize including the ease of navigation, look and feel.

Boeing was our first stop. Boeings site is somewhat bold and warm. The feeling of interaction with one of its key products being introduced is evident by its presentation. Boeing offers nine sub-categories which cover an array of categories such as news, products, investors, e-business, employment and employees with inclusion of retired employees. The nine sub-categories are of a button type nature which reveals additional categories.

Boeing is a full service site that customers and the public can access all company related information with secure logon capabilities for employees from remote sites. Also offered is an entry that allows access from anywhere in the world via a Supplier Portal and it provides: One Company Image to our Suppliers, A single point of entry into Boeing Simplified access to complex information Links to news and events pertaining to Supplier activities across Boeing. With this in mind, Boeing developed the Boeing Supplier Portal to provide our Suppliers with a single, password protected web-site that provides "instant access to the right information from anywhere in the world." Boeing

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has a feedback link for its suppliers and customers for self evaluation and data collection. Emphasis and priority are given to ethics as evidenced by its own link.

Lockheed/Martin has eight sub-categories with drop down menus with links to their different areas of information which include capabilities, customers, products, company information, supplier, etc. Lockheed/Martin has a suppliernet where the supply can enter the website and gain information as to products and services currently under use. Lockheed/Martin has a feedback link for its suppliers and customers for self evaluation and data collection. Ethics as evidenced by the link provided on the home page which includes information on compliance training programs, upcoming 2005 ethics and compliance conference, policies and an overview of their program. Lockheed/Martin has several introduction backdrops that are randomly viewed when accessing their site.

After a review of the Airbus website, the following was observed. By comparing



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