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Commuters Vs. Housing

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Commuters vs. Housing

When deciding if you should live on campus or commute there are many different things to take into considering. This is a very big decision for some, especially if you are an incoming freshman. Some things to take into consideration are distance from your current house, transportation, gas money, cost of housing, homesickness, and having a roommate.

When considering commuting the first thing to think about is how far you must drive in order to arrive at West Liberty almost everyday, not only to get here but to be here on time. This is the most basic and maybe obvious option for some. If one were to live four hours away they know they are going to be living on campus because it is nearly impossible to commute in that circumstance. The next thing to consider is transportation. If you want to commute because you only live thirty minutes away but have no car, that is going to be a problem. In order to make commuting possible you must find a way to get to class, wither it be by a parent or getting a car yourself. If getting a car is the way you choose to get to school then you must have a way to pay for the gas to get here. This can be very costly and most likely one will need a job in order to pay for the gas. You must make sure you can handle a job and classes in order to continue doing well in school and to keep your job.

The other option if you do not plan to commute is to live on campus. This can be a big step for some and may take a lot of consideration. The first thing one must review is the cost of living here. It can be very costly and if you do not have the money or do not want to take out a loan then this option may not be for you. The cost of living at West Liberty can cost anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 dollars. Another thing to think about is how being away from home will affect you. Some may not be able to handle not living at campus, being responsible for everything you do can be hard for some. The stress of school and being homesick is not a good combined and can cause a student to start to fall behind. The biggest thing for some may be having a roommate. Many people have never had a roommate before and this can be a really big step to even consider for some people. You must understand that your space is not only yours. One must work together with their roommate to keep peace with each other. Having a roommate can be one of the worst experiences



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