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College Tuition

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There has always been a debate on whether we should have free college tuition or not. The government has made it very difficult for us to go to college and follow our dreams in becoming what we want. Many have failed to succeed due to minor issues that include money. School in my opinion should be free but that will never happen. In this I oppose that college tuition payment should be determined according to criteria similar to that used to levy income tax, so that those who earn the most will pay the most. Tuition for one should be free, two should not be based on your income, and three should have different criteria to get in.

To begin with, college tuition should be free for everyone. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go because everyone has to pay. A lot of people who actually want to go to school can’t go because they can’t afford it. Regardless of financial aid not everyone gets a good amount to pay all their expenses. This crushes a lot of peoples dreams and are set to settle on a job that they didn’t want to begin with.

In addition, tuition should not be based on your income. By tuition being based on your income it makes it hard for college students to afford the school they are going to especially dependent students. It’s difficult because not all students are fortunate to have parents to pay for their tuition although their parents make a great amount of money and used them to apply for financial aid. Many reasons why students can’t go to college is due to not being able to afford it. That is highly unfair especially to the ones who want to make something out of themselves.

Lastly, College should have different criteria to get in making it difficult for those who just want to go to get the college life experience and waste time. There are students who are willing to study and put in the effort to get in to the university they want to get in. Making an entry exam for them like they already do but raising the score a bit can help these universities out. This means universities will benefit from this due to higher graduating rates. Only reasons why majority of their percentage rates are low is to the little percentage of students who drop out not because personal issues but from the ones who just went to have fun and waste time.

In summation, I strongly oppose that college should be based on how much you make. College should be free for all students with different criteria to get in. Also, not



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