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Essay Preview: Clothing

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My favorite places to shop at is Marshals, Century 21, Mony ,and at Express. These are my top favorite store because they sell the type of clothing I like to wear, such as wild stylish cloths ,something you never seen before or even beautiful clothing that will make you say "wow" ! When I go into places like Express and Mony I usually have someone to help me pick out things my taste but I always find what I want in these two places.

Marshals is a store that I would run into and grab everything my size. I like to shop at Marshals even when I buying a present for someone, I love picking out cloths for myself and other people. In Marshals I can find plenty of things for different occasions , I always shop at Marshals more than any store because it have new cloths for cheap prices / a good barging. Century 21 is a place that I shop at when I'm going out to somewhere special such as a party or a family get together .

I find exclusive clothing that people may not find in other stores or they might not get the same price as me , shopping is one of my best hobbies even if I am window shopping ill still have that craving for high fashion cloths.



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