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Clinton V. Lazio

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Many of the upcoming November elections this year create much friction and competition between the candidates. The New York State Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio has proved to very close and heated. eEach candidate has strong views on issues and puts up a good debate about each one. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat and Rick Lazio is the Republican in this election. This is a very close race and the winner will determine many of New York's views on future issues.

Hillary Clinton, never having a legislative record, has been the First Lady to the President for 8 years. Clinton has been a resident of New York State for only a few months previous to the time she began running for office. Clinton is challenged by her opponent because radio and television ads seem to turn the public against Clinton. This is an example of Lazio criticizing her because of his negatively directed ads towards Clinton. Because Clinton has never been involved in a legislature before, she has no voting record. This could prove to be a disadvantage for Clinton because voters cannot see what she has previously supported. Hillary has an advantage in the election because the New York Times endorsed her. Being the most prominent newspaper in New York, this is a sign of success as the last two politicians endorsed by the NYT have won their elections. Another disadvantage that Clinton has is that she is not a born New York citizen. She has been "carpetbagging", or buying property in a state just so she can run for office in the state. Hillary takes a firm stand on many of the issues facing New York State and the Congress today. Hillary Clinton's views on abortion are that she supports the Roe vs. Wade ruling. This act was passed in 1973 when the US Supreme Court legalized abortion. She would vote to ban late-term abortion, unless the mother or child was threatened by the birth. Clinton would reject Supreme Court jurors who are opposed to abortion rights. Hillary also agrees with federal funds spent on abortions at military hospitals. Hillary acknowledges the competition between her and Lazio by retaliating to a comment he made by saying, "My opponent [Lazio] is wrong. I have said many times that I can support a ban on late term abortion including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected". Clinton states this at a Senate Debate in Manhattan on October 8, 2000. Another issue that Hillary has brought up is her supporting of the death penalty, involved with capital punishment. Clinton also consents counsel and forensics testing for death row defendants. In addition to these issues, Clinton is opposed to a constitutional amendment banning flag desecration, or the burning of flags. Hillary supports a number of other issues, including smaller classrooms, and more federal funds towards the hiring of new teachers and school construction. Clinton supports the importing of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and the ability to sue HMO's. Also, Hillary's tax plan shows an increasing number of tax dollars going towards high-speed Internet access and high tech research. As stated, Hillary has quite a few views on certain issues facing the nation.,

Rick Lazio, Clinton's Republican opponent, is putting up a good fight for a NYS Senate position. As Lazio states in the Republican Convention



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