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Cla Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy

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Essay Preview: Cla Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy

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The company will be a green company because people do want to help the planet due all the climate change that has been going on, it is important to maintain the planet clean, trying to minimize your footprint as much as possible. The company is going to provide the costumers the best quality, style and clothes there is for their own style at an affordable price for medium / high economic class.

“Image is built on perceptions, impressions, experiences, knowledge, expectations, feelings, ideas and can be something important client will reconsider the decision to hire or not somebody based on impression” (Bouwmeester & Stiekema, 2015).

The company mission is a tool that the company uses to be able to know the business their customers, etc. (Pearce, 1982). The company mission is to meet the needs of the clients wearing trending clothes to fit in the modern society, this is a service includes to deliver the clothes to costumers houses and the service is customized to each client. The company looks to bring the costumer confidence, comfort and happiness through the outfits that are being suggested by experts.

The vision is to be a company committed to the development and growth of the fashionable/trend in America, seeking for sustainability and social responsibility. Being a US company in different countries looking to satisfy and meet the needs of all our clients. The values that the company practices is respect, honesty, loyalty, commitment, listening, responsibility, passion, punctuality, teamwork, excellence, humble, creative, open minded, this values are the ones that will guide us to create long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees. The behavior matters as well as the performance of everyone involved in the company, the people being part of the company is really important so the company can keep moving forward and growing every month.

The factors that need to be consider in order to make the decision is know the objectives of the company through time increasing products or services, market share, annual revenues, retain customers, implement new technology, new way to access, memberships, among other things you can offer to the clients so they want to be a part of ‘the business’.

In addition, to create the business this product/services is for people (men and women) that take a lot of time choosing an outfit for a particular occasion or daily. The target market is focus on people who are 21-36 years old, which are studying, working, traveling, or a combination of either of those. The aspiration to look good is important for life and work. There is a lot of people who is willing to spent money in order to look good, dress better and be more competitive by the way they look taking advantage of their dressing skills and improvement of their style.

The use of e-commerce and digital platforms, mainly the brand based in American and then expanding to different countries while studying the fashion in the different countries. Image consultant has been around and hired for years by people in politics or electoral campaigns, people on television, artist, musicians, etc to convince the public by the way or based on how they look. (Williams, 1994).

The value of the company is to offer our clients a costumed service to facilitate and get better at selecting their outfits and clothes. The clients will be reach out in different places to catch their attention social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube), the second way besides being present on social media will be to analyze different suppliers and brands of clothes that we can partnership with to help them sell and they can help us get clients sending emails to their costumers. The distribution channels will be based on our clients and the customized items we will deliver to their home addresses, this packages will have some of the options for them to wear according to their style and what they are looking for, this is based on an algorithm based on the clothes each client selected that they like and the type of body each person has, by sending out packages to our clients with clothes they can save time and money because they would not be driving or wasting time at the store looking for what they like in there, trying the clothes on, etc. This makes ‘shopping’ so much easier, comfortable, secure, fast to our clients. The clothes he decides to keep has an special price and if the client does not want to keep any of the clothes they do not have to and to return the package does not have any additional cost.

The communication with our costumers is mostly our website platform in this website the costumer has the opportunity to communicate with us, as well as knowing more about the brand, this way the client can contact their stylish or otherwise and make recommendations on outfits that will look better on them accordingly to their physical characteristics, social and personal.

Knowing and understanding the trends and the value the countries where the company is going to develop and have a greater impact and that way be able to make assumptions, approaches to be better and find opportunities (Helms, 2010). Also, using the analyze SWOT analysis of the company the strengths are that we have no competence in Mexico, existence of a control variety that the user does not feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothes, do not have an inventory, simple, fast on the website, easy the process of shopping. About the weaknesses, not having a showroom where clients can also be provide by the service, partnerships with other companies on clothes as well as payment options, almost none marketing.




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