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Cirque Du Freak

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Cirque Du Freak

I was in my freshman year of college, home for the summer and my best friend Shakira went on a date with this guy and know one could reach them. Well of course her mother and father called me looking for her, because she told them she would be with me. I lied and told her that Shakira was in the bathroom and she would call her when she got out. I decided to call her and went to where she was, once I got there I let her know her mother was looking for her and let her use my phone. Once called her mother was relieved that she was okay, because she was told that Shakira was at a hotel with some guy. Though I had to lie, my friendship for her wouldn't let me get her in trouble. On the other hand Shakira's friendship for me put me in the middle of the situation telling her mother that she was with me. This is how Darren and Steve in Cirque Du Freak was with their friendship. Though both understood and knew the meaning of friendship, they had problems following the rules and codes of friendship. This problem put both of them in situations they couldn't handle on their own.

" "Okay," I said to myself, "I'm staying! I don't know what Steve's up to, but he's my best friend. If he gets into trouble, I want to be there to help him out."" This quote expressed how important true friendship is to Darren and Steve. In this novel friendship is very prevalent, but yet it's also over exaggerated. Though these two were in middle school they knew the importance of friendship. Going to the freak show with each other wasn't just fun, but it was the problem that ruined both of their lives. You really can't see how important their friendship is to Darren and Steve until after the freak show. When Steve decides to stay after the show and tell Darren to leave and Darren ignores him to watch out for Steve this shows. In life your friendship is tested when they tell you not to worry about them and you ignore them and do it anyways. Darren had the opportunity to show the audience how important their friendship was because he constantly put his life on the line. Though some situations came into place because of his mistakes, he still proved himself.

".... What made it worse was, I knew if I was the one lying in a coma, Steve would own up immediately." Friendship can have their selfish sides and with Darren



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