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Ciper in the Snow

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This story simply horrified me, it is hard to believe that any child possibly my child could be a “Cliff” and be

led to believe he is a “nobody” this just crushes my heart. It is also so hard to know that this sort of thing

goes on a daily basis in society. Where have we gone wrong as a society and who is to blame? Possibly so many

people to count and some may not even know it.

My intent as a mother and teacher is first to teach my children about empathy and respect and then do the same

in my classroom. I also plan to really get to know all my students, from the shyest to the loudest so I can make

sure I can be there and support them as needed. Also, to be able to catch issues that arise not only in class

but in there all overall life. We are not just teachers we are also their parents, friends, motivators, counselors

and advocates to name a few.

This story mad me feel sorry for the young kid who lost his life primarily because he didn't have anyone to stand

next to him and listen to him. Actually, this story made me feel of the big responsibility on my back for each single

student in my classroom. I have to be opened eye for each student in order to detect any student who might be facing

problems, in order not to end like Cipher. It is part of the teacher's job to build up relationship with the students

and have always conversations with them, so that they feel secure, belong to someone and someone is there to help them

if they face a problem. I wish all teachers keep an eye on students behaviors and notice any changes and record it

and work on it, in order to make all students safe and have a sense of belonging



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