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Christians History

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As early Christians dispersed throughout the Mediterranean region, Romans heard about a new belief that was very different from their traditional religions. The God of the Christians did not require sacrifice. Jesus had already provided the ultimate sacrifice. Christian believers saw themselves as accepted by their God through faith. At Christians' home, underground church or worship place, Christians taught Scripture like " For God so love the world that he gave his only Son," and " God is love," such teaching  made no sense to the Romans.

The Christian religion was largely unacceptable to Romans of the time. They saw Christianity as a threat to their religious system. Unlike members of other new religions, Christians refused to sacrifice to the gods. They proclaimed instead that there was only one God. Romans not only were offended by this, but also felt it threatened their society. They believed that society was protected by many gods. Since Christians refused to honor these gods, the Romans believed that Christians endangered themselves and people around them. They started attacking Christians and reporting Christians' activities to the authorities. Christians always lived in fear and were unwelcome in the society and were forced to not associate with others.

     In addition, because Christians refused to worship or sacrifice to the emperor, they were suspected of treason. Christians believed that the emperor was only a man and that worship had to be reserved for God. This seemed very suspicious and troubling to the Romans and the Roman emperor.

Christians were increasingly persecuted by the state and rejected by their Roman neighbors for not worshiping the gods. When Christians were sentenced to be executed, they faced their deaths with fearless resolve. They refused to renounce their faith during torture which actually caused more Romans to inquire into the Christian faith. The Christians were willing to die because of their belief and trust in God. Christians were persecuted under Emperor Nero(54-68), Domitian (81-96) , Trajan (96-117). Moreover, Christians were severely persecuted under Emperor Diocletian. Several thousand Christians were killed, including many Christians leaders.

     Not only were Christians attacked, tortured, and persecuted by the Roman Empire, but also there was a division within the Church between bishops and other clergies. They formed different groups that challenged the authority and the doctrines of the Church. It caused a huge confusion and a rift within the Church. For example: ARIANISM, the heresy of Arius believes that Christ's substance to be different from the Father, and that Christ is a creature. Moreover, MONOPHYSITISM, the heresy of Eutyches believes that  Christ to have one nature, both God and man.



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