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Christianity and Islam

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Essay Preview: Christianity and Islam

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There are many different religions on all over the world and all people are free to choose their own religion. However, unfortunately, in spite

of the fact that all people should choose religion that what they want to believe with theirs' own will; environment, family and close friends play the first fiddle to choose religion. Therefore, many people don't know the concept of the religion and don't interpret the logical and illogical religious beliefs. For this reason, people can execute other people without any judgement, when they believe different religions. Especially, unfair judgement is between the most widespread religions on the world which are Christianity and Islam. The most common idea among Christian people is that Islam is a scary religion and Moslems are killing Christian people. Although Islam is phobia for Christian people, Christianity and Islam are the same and also in content of Islam, there is democracy.

Understanding what the actual word "Islam" means is helpful in understanding the religion which derives its name from it. The word is rich in meaning and has many connections to other fundamental Islamic concepts. The Arabic term 'islam means "submission" and itself comes from the term 'aslama, which means "to surrender, resign oneself." In Islam, the fundamental duty of each member is to submit to Allah (Arabic for "the God") and whatever Allah wants of them. A person

who follows Islam is called a Muslim, and this means "one who surrenders to God." The term Islam is related to the Syriac 'aslem which means "to make peace, surrender" and that in turn appears to be derived from the Semtic stem of slem which means to be complete. Islam is closely related to the Arabic word for peace, salem. Muslims believe that true peace can only be achieved through true obedience to the will of Allah. Commitment to Islam is supposed to result in a constant struggle to achieve peace, justice and equality. (

The religious life of the Christian aims to bring the believer closer to God in various ways. This happens through worship and adoration of God and prayer, which either brings believers into contemplation of Jesus and his life or places them into a conversation with God. While much of worship takes place according to the cycles and festivals laid out in the Time and Worship Page, it is prayer that forms the centerpiece of religious life in Christianity. All Christians are enjoined to pray regularly, in both fixed and free forms. Public prayer in particular became fixed. The early church took from Judaism the idea that prayer should occur at particular times of the day. And while the prayers themselves were rather fluid, there was great emphasis on when they were said. After Constantine, the wording of the prayers themselves became fixed. During the Reformation, the Protestants rebelled against much of the fixed nature of prayer and emphasized its spontaneous and free-form character, even in public, group prayer.


There are a lot of Christian people who are afraid of Islam, because it has been introduced as a religion which consists of violance, terrorism and human rights violation, especially against women. At September 11, some people from an Islamic group attacked to Twin Towers and 3 thousand people died in Twin Towers because of this terrorist attack. Islam has already had a negative image in perspectives of other people who believe other religions. Therefore, after September 11, the fright and hatred against Islam grow rapidly that have been already existed for years. This terrorist group's members believe that they killed the American people for secrifacing to God and Islam, and also believe that if they kill the Christians, they will be removed to heaven by God. The most popular terrorist character is Usama Bin Laden who is the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda organized this terrorist attack at September 11. (

After a few months from September 11, Usama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda's members have been wanted by the USA's government and also they offered $25 million for people who will find Usama Bin Laden. These events were only a beginning to start a war to Islam. Naturally, the USA government didn't let it go at that, because they have been faced with a big threat by Islamic groups. The second step was that the USA government declared that they decided to interfere to Iraq for ensuring the peace and improving the Iraqi peoples' standard of living. They did what they said and they still persist in going on to their intervention. However, they have faced with an armed resistance which has made by some Iraqi guerillas. These guerillas have resisted to the USA army with face up to all dangers, so they did everything for the USA's determent and to raise the siege.

For example, most American soldiers were beheaded by the guerillas and this massacre fomented the war between the USA and Iraq, so it means that Christianity and Islam. Because of that, this war has gone out between two countries, it has been a big problem for all of the world. (

In media, all attacks of the Moslem groups are published wherever they are. Therefore, all people see the attackings and they are really afraid of Islam and also hate this religion. Moreover, most people believe that there is not democracy in Islam and rights stay at only mens' pleasures. Iraq can be a good example for not being democratic country and also there is a fact of mens' pressure in this country. All the times, these facts of Iraq are a reflex of public opinion and lots of people witness the evil minded of Iraq and they believe that Islam causes these types of inhuman treatments. In brief, there is a big antagonism against Islam and this hostility has been growing everday. (

The facts are a far cry from estimated in Islam. There is no such thing as Islamic terror. Islam means peace. Young Muslims become radical out of desperation. For instance, because they are not accepted, can't find a job and constantly have to defend their faith and people address them for what terrorists do. Plus they're often still searching, they don't know exactly what the meaning of Islam is and through the internet they can come into contact with the wrong ideas. There is not only Islamic terror, but also there are a lot of terror in the other religions. "For example; the IRA attacked for Catholics.



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