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Christian Worldview

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Name: Jee Benton

Course: CWV-101, M1

Date: 9/21/17        

Instructor: Margaret Koontz

Origins Reflections

        Decisions, decisions, decisions! How does the average person ever decide on making a decision? Narrowing down your choices comes from family values, morals, ethics, and common sense. There are many beliefs when it comes to the birth of creation and the beginning of the universe, but the two most common ones are the Big Bang (evolution) and Biblical Creation (creationism).  My interpretation of the origin of the Universe relates to the Bible and that God created the universe in seven days.  This account has been written down in Genesis chapters one and two.  In Genesis one, man is the very last creation taking up to six days, however, in Genesis two, man is created first and this takes all in one day.

        Creation has a lot of views when it comes to the spectrum. Let’s take for instance four different views that concerns the origin of the universe.  The spectrum begins with Creationism, followed by Intelligent Design, Theistic Evolution, and Atheistic Evolution.  Creationism consider their followers “creationists” believing there is a God who made the world in six days, twenty four hours a day (Akin and Akin, 2017).  From an Intelligent Design point of view, they see creation as having evidence of scientific nature giving it the name, intelligently designed.  They also believe in God exists and is the designer of the world.  A Theistic Evolution point of view is very similar to that of Creationism.  Theistic evolutionists see there is a God, however, they believe the world formed more after six days of creation.  Another difference from Creationism and Theistic is about how old is the world really?  Is it a few thousand years old or is it older?  An Atheistic Evolution believes no God exists or there is no reason to believe in a Deity.  Similarly, atheistic and theistic evolutions believe creation took longer than six days over the twenty-four hour time span.  Unlike theistic, atheistic believes the world to be more than a thousand years old.  

        My view is based off of a Creationist which addresses the age of earth to be less than a thousand years old.  They also believe God created the world in six days, twenty-four hour days, and intervened the world using life and life forms.  Furthermore, our views for reconciliation consists of three main points.  One, Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary. Two, as a perfect and blameless life, Jesus lived  hard life hard on Him.was just had  ThreeJesus was crucified, but on the third day was raised to life.  This is the will of Jesus, to be a holy and nlamels



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