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Chocolate War Book Report and Summary

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Essay Preview: Chocolate War Book Report and Summary

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The Chocolate war

by Rebekah Hord

BOYS WILL BE BOYS. Its almost overwhelming, how much stupid pride boys tend to have. They create for themselves this perception, that they have to be better than everyone to be a real man. I'm Robert Cormier. I wrote the book the chocolate war. Throughout the writing process I tried to give signals of the theme boys will be boys. Now to break down what I mean by that, I'm going to point out some symbolism, and give light to some character development. Including how the conflict within these boys world may have shaped them as well.

ARCHIE COSTELLO is just one of those guys you want to like you. Not only is he the leader of the vigils, he is just the definition of cool. He has a sick sense of humor, calling revolting, inhumane and deeply humiliating acts he makes his victims commit " Beautiful". He can get in your head and that makes him powerful. However, that is his only strength. His cunning, wit, and slyness, qualifies him as the vigils assigner, but just because you want him to like you does not mean he is liked. What's worse is he knows he's hated because who likes authority figures? Not one adolescent male that’s for sure. His popularity is purely out of fear of him. His ability to get people to do his dirty work was truly a gift, and everyone knows it. So it is just better to be "friends" with him than stand up to him. This still causes Archie to constantly be focused on being the best all the time. Everyone is waiting to see him mess up. He controls everyone, yet, he is really the one being controlled.

JERRY RENAULT the main squeeze in this novel. Little jerry has a lot of growing up to do. His mother having just died and he and his father not really being able to kindle a relationship past saying " My day was fine, son". Jerry couldn’t help but ask himself if being fine was all there was in this life." Was life that dull, that boring that humdrum for people? He hated to think of his own life stretching out in front of him that way, a long succession of days and nights that were fine- not good, not bad, not great, not lousy, not exciting, not anything." This thought is what drives him through the rebellion he begins of selling the chocolates for the annual sale of trinity school. That becomes the



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