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Chemical Engineering

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Thakesh Ganesan
Social Engagement

First and foremost, when I saw the name of this subject during course registration, I was actually wondering, what could be the possible stuffs we will be learning in lectures? But in fact, this subject solely based on planning and executing a project that has to engage with the society. To be honest, having a meeting for discussion and planning purpose was kind of difficult as sometimes not all could make it to the specific date and time, as they were busy with other projects which they have commit into earlier. But anyhow, we somehow pulled it all together and managed to do all the preparation works as a team before going to our project is, Kg Rinching Hilir.

To my surprise, we were actually welcomed very warmly by the committee of the village. They seriously made us feel comfortable, which I think literally ease our whole project during the 3 days there. Both the foster families were such caring, as they provide us food according to our special preference, as some of us were vegetarian and doesn’t consume beef. So they actually took into account all of them and made us feel important.

As per tentative, we had tuition classes for the kids in the village for Day 1 and Day 2. Firstly, they look so calm and good during the registration period. But as soon as we finished introducing ourselves to them, they easily got attached and comfortable around us. Well, some were not well behaved, but that is common during that period of life, as they just need extra attention to tune them back in a good way. Teaching experiences made me realise that one needs a very high patience level and made me instantly thank all my past teachers and current lecturers who don’t easily give up on educating us.

Day 3 was the most fun among the three days as we learned on ‘Madu Kelulut’ and went to cow farm. To my surprise, they are bees in this world who don’t sting humans, which basically broke all my impression towards bees overall. Tasting natural honey instantly from their hive was really fascinating as you don’t get such experience easily out there in the city. Cow Farm was fun, as we got to feed the cows. Well, it was my experience in feeding cows, which literally shows that I’m such a city boy. Got the chance to carry a kid, and they were so cute, which I literally can’t resist myself from not carrying them. The journey to the cow farm was fun as well, as we had to go that place using a truck, as the roads are muddy and bumpy all the way.



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