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Charles Darwin

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Essay Preview: Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin can easily be recognized as a pure genius. In his lifetime, he single-handedly changed the way we see the world. His theories led to the study of the modern evolutionary theory of the world. Charles was a collector of plants, animals, and other specimens. From an early age, Charles had an immense love for nature, which started his career as a scientist. His trip to the Galapagos Islands forever changed his life and reputation. His two famous works were the Origin of Species and the Descent of Man.

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England, in 1809. He was the son of Doctor Robert Darwin. His father was a wealthy aristocrat, and also a good investor. During Darwin’s first years in life, his mother was very ill, and died when he was eight years old. His father taught him how to act like a proper gentlemen. Robert Darwin sent Charles to the Shrewsbury School in 1822. Charles disliked the school environment and shortly dropped out in 1825. His lack of interest in the studies and surroundings resulted in poor grades. Charles enrolled to study medicine at Edinburgh University, but never returned after watching a horrifying surgery. Charles finally earned a degree in theology from Cambridge University, although theology was not his main interest. At Cambridge, Darwin met John Henslow, a professor at the university. Henslow helped start Darwin’s path as a naturalist, as he recommended Darwin for the position on the HMS Beagle.

During the five year journey that the Beagle took, Darwin collected many animals and fossils, with which he studied the nature and anatomy of them. His collections led him to discover differences between species and similar characteristics that prevailed in those different species.

After many months of this, Darwin seems to be deeply questioning the Creationism that he was brought up with in favor of a more geological explanation. Darwin’s turning point in his research first occurred during his research in the Galapagos Islands. His first crucial information came when he studied the tortoises from the different Galapagos Islands. They were very peculiar in respect to each other because although they were all the same tortoise classification living in the same climate on separate islands within sight of each other, they were strangely different. Varieties of mockingbirds also



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