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Chaplin. the Man, the Legend

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Charles Spencer Chaplin, Actor, Writer and Director. Born April 16th 1889 in Walworth, London England. His Parents, Charles Chaplin and Hannah Chaplin both Stage Musicians, his Father died aged 37 his mother developed severe mental and physical problems. Charlie made his first stage appearance in 1984 when his mother took ill and could not perform on stage. Charlie says in his Auto-Biography that is when he first realised he loved performing. Between 1903 and 1906 Charles performed in the stage version of Sherlock Holmes playing Paper Boy Billy. He then went on to perform in the Casey Circus for a year. His Brother Sydney joined the Karno Troupe and provided a way for Charlie to join. He met Stan Laurel whom he had met years before. The Karno Troupe toured the UsA Twice, on the second Visit Charlie Decided to stay. In 1913 Chaplin left the stage to join Mack Sennet's Keystone Films Studio, marking a milestone both in his own life and in the history of film. The pace of film making in early Hollywood seems impossible by today's standards. In just two months, Chaplin appeared in the following Keystone films: Making a Living, Kid Auto Races, Mabel's Strange Predicament, Between Showers, A Film Johnnie, Tango Tangles, His Favourite Pastime, Cruel, Cruel Love. Although Chaplin started at the Keystone company as a bit player, with the introduction of his world-famous tramp character he quickly exploded into a major star. By April, at the age of 25, Chaplin directed his first film, 'Twenty Minutes of Love.'By November of that year, Chaplin is left Keystone, having signed an exclusive contract for the newly formed Essanay Film Company. Sidney followed in Charlie's steps this time, and joined the Keystone company shortly before Charlie left it.



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