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Celebrate We Will

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Celebrate We Will

In today's society people are often unknowingly exposed to different cultural media that could influence a person's thoughts and values. Music is a good example of such a media, because it seems to be so widespread in our culture. Whether it is on the radio, on a CD or on television, one will probably hear music almost every day of ones life. This type of pop culture will in some way influence almost every American, and many non-Americans as well, because it seems to be becoming ever more prevalent in our world. American music is constantly being broadcast not only in America, but in many other countries as well. This could lead one to wonder what non-Americans may imply about the culture displayed in American music. Certainly, situations depicted in a song could lead someone who has never stepped foot in the US to believe that this country is exactly like it is in the song. In looking at two songs from the album "Crash" by the Dave Matthews Band, I have tried to find some of the most significant underlying meanings in the songs, in order to see what kind of messages it may be sending out.

The song "Two Step", written by Dave Matthews, seems to tell one a great deal about life. It gives the message that we are here on Earth for such a short time, and that we should make the best of our days here. The line "Hey my love do you believe that we might last a thousand years, or more if not for this our flesh and blood..." reminds us of our mortality. We are only given a brief time to do what we want to with our lives, and Dave Matthews suggests that we should do it now. We are made of flesh and blood and no matter how much we want to keep on living, there comes a time when we have to go. Even if someone thinks that his or her time to go is far in the future, it may not be, and people should therefore live life with no regrets. Matthews goes on with this idea by referring to the new beginning that people received here on Earth, as he reminds us of the story of Noah's Ark. "We're climbing two by two, to make sure these days continue. Things we cannot change" This story, from the Bible, when the animals came aboard the ark "two by two" tells us about how lucky we were to receive a new beginning. Certain lives were spared " make sure these days continue." Religion is important to many individuals, and the freedom of religion that Americans have is certainly a blessing. The "two by two" may in another way represent companions that people may have in their lives. It may be easier to face hardships in the world with someone by our sides. If people may face their problems "two by two" a bigger difference could be much more easily attained. One of the most repeated lines in the song is, "Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain." This may be the most important message in the song. We must all make the best of every day of our lives. It may seem that we are given so much time in our lives, but in retrospect we may not have as much time that we thought. We must be sure that we do what we want with our lives, because it is the only one we will be given.

"Two Step", looked upon at a different angle, may also have elements of a typical love song. The song begins, "Say, my love, I came to you with best intentions...Love, you drive me to distraction." Here, the writer is expressing his deep love for another. He seems to be overwhelmed with this love as it "...drives [him] to distraction." The writer also shows the extent of his love, as he believes "...that we might last a thousand years, or more if not for this, our flesh and blood." The writer may be a person who has such deep feelings for another that he believes even death cannot bind his love. Love, then, is another major theme expressed in "Two Step". It could be implied from this interpretation as a love song, that America is a place where love between anyone can have great potential. Love may be present in every society, but there are many places in which people do not marry because of love. Arranged marriages can be seen in many countries, though America is not one of them. It is a wonderful, and meaningful freedom to be able to marry another based on love, not on family or money.

Another song on the album entitled "Cry Freedom" may tell us more about the issue of freedom in our society. The song begins by telling us that we cannot turn away from our life or our troubles, because wherever one may decide to run to may not be any better. In the next verse Dave sings "Cry freedom, cry... Let this flag burn to dust and a new fair design will be raised. While we wait head in hands, hands in prayer, and fall into a dreamless sleep again." This seems to represent a person who is not free, and who may be looking for a better life. The flag mentioned here is probably that of a country that is not free, because the writer seems to be searching for a "new fair design", or freedom. The person speaking of the flag burning to dust may not be, as one may see on the surface, someone who hates their country. It may just be one looking for this "new fair design". The burning of the flag may then represent the hope of cleansing a society that has been tarnished with inequality. One may cry for freedom, as they "wave their hands" and ask why some people are free and some are not. Surely it is not fair for one person to be treated badly because of the color of their skin or their religion. Matthews sings in this song that "Hands and feet are all alike, but gold between divide us...fear between divide us." This reinforces the fact that all humans are alike, but things on the surface such as money or fear of people who do not look exactly as we do, may divide us.

The aspect of a life without freedom certainly seems unfair, especially when you think of the children who are never given a chance in life because of, perhaps, the color of their skin. "Cry Freedom" presents this issue to listeners. "In this room stood a little child, and in this room this little child she would remain. Until someone might decide,



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