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Career Paper - Sales Representative

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Sales Representative

Career Paper Outline: Sales Representative

I chose the career of a sales representative because that is what my dad does and it is also a job that interests me. I feel that I could also be good at this job because I can work well with people and have good communication skills. Being a sales representative also interests me because of the variety and flexible hours. With variety you would be doing different things every day and the job wouldn't get boring, and I like that. I also like that you would be able to make your own hours and have a flexible schedule. You could have your own office in your home and work whenever you want. If I had a job selling something that was appealing to me, it would be that much better. I could get motivated about my product and be able to sell it much easier. I feel that I would be able to explain the features and benefits of a product very well. These are just a few of the reasons why I'm interested in the career field of a sales representative.


In my intro I would talk about why I chose that as my topic and why I would want to be a sales representative.


In the body paragraphs I would explain what the job entails and the pros and cons of being a sales representative. Also I would tell about possible job fields and opportunities in being a sales representative.


I would wrap up this paper by explaining why being a sales representative would be perfect for me. I would also end by reiterating the main points from the body.

A possible career for me would be being a sale representative for a major company in an industry that I enjoyed. My dad is in this position and this is what made me want to have this job. He enjoys flexible hours, good pay, and doesn't have to work behind a cubical. He gets to interact with many clients that he is now good friends with and also is able to travel to some extent. These are a few of the reasons why I am interested in becoming a sales representative.

According to a sales representative needs, "Familiarity with consultative selling and negotiating techniques, exchanging accurate and relevant information." I feel that I have some of these skills or could obtain them to become successful salesmen. also suggests that personal computer skills are needed, and I have those already.

There are sales representative jobs available in many different industries.



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