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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

America stands for freedom, and freedom is living your life the way you want, when you want, without worry. Freedom means you can say what you want, do what you want, and be yourself. But it can be hard to express such freedoms when you are scared of everyday life. Freedom isn\'t worrying about your children\'s safety when you aren\'t with them. Freedom isn\'t looking over your shoulders as you walk through the city streets, trying to avoid rape. And freedom isn\'t repeat offenders serving sentences over and over while innocent families morn the loss of their loved ones. Today\'s society is not completely free, or perhaps we are too free. It is time to make some adjustments. It is time to bring justice to families of lost members and friends. It is time to bring justice to the little boys and girls without parents due to unnecessary murder and assault. It is time for criminals to pay the consequences for their actions. It is time for the death penalty.

Capital punishment is more effective at preventing crimes than other punishments such as a life sentence with or without parole. Statistics show that the death penalty is a huge repellant to repeat offenders and murder in all cases. The death penalty solves many more problems that it creates. It reduces overcrowded jails and correctional facilities. It puts people to rest and gives them the opportunity to get their lives back to normal after a serious, life changing experience.

Capital punishment has a very controversial history. As with most all opinions in the world today, there are two ways to look at capital punishment and what it accomplishes.



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