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Camping in Wilsons Prom

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We were all super excited to travel our journey that we had originally planned, but we were stopped before we even started the journey as the weather was too windy towards the south and east sides of the Prom. Although disappointed, we agreed with the compromise and discussed alternate routes with open minds. Due to all the camp groups having to stay in tidal river, the placements for setting up our tents were a little tight, this also because we had chosen to set up camp after we had done our bushwalk not before, but nevertheless, we found a great area for our tents which was on the top of a small hill. For most of the first night, we were all concerned for the wombats, who had reportedly dug through and into previous camper’s tents to eat their food, drinks and toiletries, luckily we had gotten out first and only scare during the evening when a wombat raided a bag of food.

The first hike we went on was to the top of Mount Bishop. We took our packs with us and we hiked all the way to the top for afternoon tea. It was super windy but it was an amazing experience.

We came back home then started to cook our dinner. The first night was burrito/wraps. There was an abundance supply of food as our ‘extreme’ team was given an esky filled with food which was supposed to be shared between two camp groups. We also had 2 minute noodles with the meals afterwards, as it was getting cold and we enjoyed the hot water in our bowls as eating.

Sleeping for the first night was terrible. In the middle of the night our waterproof sheet of the tent fell off and we had sprinkling rain on our faces as we slept. I was half asleep and didn’t notice until the morning, but all out clothes and sleeping bags were wet. ☹.

The next day we decided to go for a super long walk. The trip was painful as the slopes of the mountains were supper steep! But unfortunately it started to hail and the AUS camp bus had to pick us up along the way as it was too dangerous to continue.

That night, my hair looked like I had just washed it! I was so wet from keeping the tarp down whenever it flew away that it looked like I had as shower. We ate a hard risotto that was although not amazing, seemed marvellous when we ate it. (mainly because we were so tired). Sleeping was much better that night.

The next day we finished off the journey from the day before then returned back to tidal river to pack and leave. It was a great experience and I hope to continue my silver next year!



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