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Campbells Soup Company

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Campbell Soup Company has made itself a household name throughout the world by offering everything from soups, to cookies, chocolate, pastries and juices. This report provides information about Campbell's history, international operations, product lines, current news and opinions, employment, and its commitment to society.


Campbell Soup Company, originally called "Anderson & Campbell", started as a small business and worked its way up to be one of the most identified brands in the world. The company's product was the first of its kind and it took an exceptional advertisement strategy to gain the vast customer base it has today.

Campbell's Amazing Discovery

Campbell Soup Company has a history that spans more than 125 years and includes the creation of many unique products. The company was formed in Camden New Jersey, by Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson, in 1869. The company originally produced canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments, and minced meats (Campbell Soup, history). Eight years later the business made a great decision when it hired Dr. John T. Dorrance. This chemist took the world my surprise with his invention of condensed soup. As stated on the company website, "By eliminating the water in canned soup, he {Dorrance} lowered the costs for packaging, shipping, and storage" (Campbell Soup, history). This invention would prove to be very lucrative for the company and make them the leaders in the soup business.

Campbell's Advertising

Now that Campbell had the product, the next step was advertising it to the public. Winning over the hearts of housewives proved to be a challenge. However, the convenience and low cost of these ready made soups was enough to win them over. The appeal of Campbell's trademark red and white labels was actually inspired by an executive's admiration of Cornell University football jerseys while attending a game in 1898. This decision turned out to be "the single most successful promotional decision Campbell has ever made" (Campbell Soup, history). In addition to the visual appeal, radio broadcast allowed Americans to hear that trademark "Mm, Mm, Good" jingle, which forever rings the name Campbell's.

Campbell's Expansion

By 1905 Campbell offered 21 varieties of soup and continued to win the hearts of housewives around the world by publishing cook-books for condensed soup. Creative and successful advertising created a large demand for the products outside the United States. In 1926 a Canadian subsidiary, Campbells Soup Company Ltd., was organized, sparking the beginning of the company's international operations (Campbell Soup, history).


The company had enjoyed enormous success in the United States and the interest and demand for its products had reached across international boundaries. International production in Canada was followed by the opening of a soup plant in Sacramento, California, in 1947. The official International Division was established in 1957 with the new corporate headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. Only two years later the company jumped into the Mexican market with Campbell's de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Campbell Soup, history).

This was only the beginning for Campbell's international operations. As stated on the company website, today the company reaches almost every corner of the world selling products in 120 countries around the world which contribute 1.9 billion dollars of sales annually. The following are just a few countries that Campbell Soup calls home:

* Canada

* Mexico

* Latin America and Caribbean

* United Kingdom

* Ireland

* France

* Germany

* Denmark

* Netherlands

* Asia

* Japan


Although Campbell's primary product is soup, the company is home to many other food and beverage items. The demand for convenient, quick, inexpensive meals has become the backbone of Campbell Soup. Here is the product lines carried on the North American market (Campbell Soup, our brands):

Campbell's Condensed Soups

The company's best sellers are still tomato and chicken noodle condensed soups. However, "the ready to serve soups category have boosted sales for Campbell" (Guerrero, 4). The increase in demand for these ready made, thicker soups spawned the creation of the following:

o Campbell's Chunky

o Campbell's Select

o Campbell's Healthy Request

o Swanson Broths

o Campbell's Soup at Hand

Pepperidge Farms, Incorporated

Pepperidge Farms was introduced in 1937 by a mother, Margaret Rudkin, who was tired of searching for nutritious commercial bread. The eight production plant in the U.S., largely contribute to Campbell's success with the production of cookies, crackers, breads, and snacks such as:

o Goldfish Crackers

o Puff Pastries

o Milano Cookies

o English water crackers

V8 Vegetable Juice

V8 introduced the idea of drinking the daily required vegetables. Originally available in only tomato, V8 now comes in many flavors and varieties, such as:

o V8 Picante



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