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Busines Ethics Report

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Table of Contents

        Executive summary                                                                        3

  1. Introduction                                                                                4

2.  Ethical problem                                                                        4

3.  Impact on business and economy                                                        5

3.1 Utilitarianism                                                                                5

3.2 Egoism                                                                                 6

3.3. Ethics of care                                                                                 6

4. Long-term recommendations                                                                 7

5. Interim plan                                                                                    7

5.1 Identifying ethical problem                                                                7

5.2 Immediate deal with consequences                                                         8

5.3 Prevent a comparable situation in the future                                                8

6. Conclusion                                                                                8  

References                                                                                                                     9

Reflection                                                                                11              

Executive summary

The following report is intended to provide to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation an actual information about issues, related to climate change and its’ consequences. The report considers a climate change from a perspective of business ethics, which require implementing a several normative theories to give an objective assessment of the problem. The main purpose of the report is to increase of Ministry’s awareness about climate change and persuade to change established policies.

To provide the most relevant information and analysis, for this report have been used an academic peer-reviewed journals in relation to business ethics theories and statistics of the climate situation. An actual web-resources have been also used for the understanding of the current situation.

The report findings demonstrated that the Russian government has breached ethical norms from a perspective of utilitarian theory and ethics of care with a decision to ignore the consequences of global warming in order to satisfy their own material interests.

Based on the analysis, the report provides a long-term recommendation for Ministry, such as developing renewable sources of energy and implementing adaptation strategies for agriculture sector.  Interim plan for short-term purposes and timely identifying a moral problem provides as well. This plan consisted in three steps such as: method of identification problem from ethical perspective, decreasing a sources of black carbon emissions from transport and flaring and prevent this type of problem in future by increasing an awareness of the problem among the population.


  1. Introduction

The problem of global warming becomes an actual for the countries that have a chance to suffer from the destructive effects of climate change. Moreover, those countries that locate in favorable zone without threats, behave egoistically and do not understand that they make a negative contribution to the problem.

In this report, will provide analysis of global warming and discuss from the perspectives of business ethics a situation of the Russian government, which does not take enough responsibility of the negative contribution to global warming. Further, will be determined various impacts on business and the economy through the lens of normative theories, such as Utilitarianism, Egoism and Ethics of Care. Based on the analysis will be provided recommendations and methods to deal with a problem for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation.

  1. Ethical problem

Zekos (2003, 7) utilized a globalisation in a context of eliminating national, economic and social features of countries due to the growing need to solve a universal problem, such as the international pollution of the environment. In fact, that one of the reasons of the changing in a radiation balance of the earth is a human activity, which emits trace gases and consequentially leads to a climate change by a warming of the atmosphere (Suess 1993, 28). Despite the natural causes of the global warming and evolution process, that has led to the industrial countries’ type, the ethical problem occurs, when decisions of authorities’ border or intersect with moral standards, which deal with a serious harm for human beings (Morris 2004, 349).

It can be seen in actions of Russia in relation to climate change. Regardless the fact, that Russia is a fifth-largest emitter in the world, the country has not ratified the united agreement and seek for economical benefits from global warming, such as an opportunity to discover a new fossil-fuel deposits from a melting ice process (Kuzmin 2015). Moreover, Russia has a big contribution in Black Carbon emissions, which is directly related to a global warming (Evans et al. 2017, 10). One of the reasons, that led to this situation has been described by Zsolnai (1996, 10), who figured out that political decisions usually more myopic due to limited election terms and have a short-term nature, whereas environmental problems rely beyond of election terms.



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