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Essay Preview: Bullying

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Sara Neema

English 120

Essay #4


Bullying is a problem that is becoming larger and larger as time goes on. Bullying among American students and no students is a growing problem. It is very negative act among others. Finding a solution to it is the most work scientists tried and never find the very helpful result of it. my essay will provide at least the solution of bullying how it can be stopped.

One way of ending the bullying must start from the families, schools, and stop discrimination of gender, age, and race. Most kids learn how to bully from the family. This is when a mother or father chooses who to do things for others, or when parents have the favorite child and show to others. This builds bully between those kids. Other kids learn bully others for who they are, what age they have and what color. The school is one of the cases too. When teachers do not treat all students the same, this makes the students treat each one different. Parents must treat their children equally. This will be one of the important roles to end bullying. If schools teach how to respect every race and every gender, this will help on another side. Teaching how discrimination was in 1920’s it does not help most of the students. That represents race and creates discrimination between students of the race. All students have different thinking, so teachers must learn how to make every student satisfy and understand the course.

As the parents, it is their responsibility to talk to their child. As S. Joseph said in Suck It Up, Walk It Off, Be a Man: A Controversial look at bullying in today's schools mentioned that “Parents have big playground when it comes to their children.” It is parents work to let their child know how good it is to be treated well, so then treat others the same. Some of the parents do not spend time with their child, which increases the bullying situation. Most of the children who bully others are those who do not have attention from their parents. Some of the children learn to bully from their house. This happens mostly when parents divide the children into a different group, because of their ages, height, or bodies. Parents must pay attention to their child because a child of today is the parent of tomorrow.

Same the school situations. Teachers must treat their students as their kids. give them the same respect and making sure no one is making trouble or having a problem in the school. Teachers are part of the student parents. There are students who spend more time with their teachers than their parents. In this case, teachers are the more effective on students. As the children, they need attention and more time to be focused on them. As Vahedi, Shahram, Eskandar Fathi Azar, and Fereshteh Golparvar tell said: “teachers can be one of the problems to increase bullying, and they can be the ones to decrease it according to how they pay attention to students.” Since students spend more time with their teachers, they will treat them all equal as their own kids.

Race, Gender, and age are more increases the value of bullying. A lot of people are bully because of the race, gender, and age. According to what is happening now in this country, people who are transgender are having a hard time of living in the country and be who they are. After reading the transgender article, there was a statement saying that “there is no freedom at all since no one can who they want to be. Where is the freedom?” comparing the life, we are living on now, race is making a big different. People saying that blacks and Hispanics are the cause of drug to be spread in the United State. As Edwards, Lynne, et al. said in Cyberbullying, Race/Ethnicity, and Mental Health Outcomes that “According to the race/ethnicity, black teens, and Hispanics have the higher percentage of bullying.” The youth of color share some commonalities with each other in their cyber-bullying and offline bullying experiences, but there are also some notable differences. However black and Hispanic have the lower average, but present the higher average of bullying. This creates bullying between races. People are being bullied according to their ages. Taking the example of most Africans country, people making the big deal on ages. People who are young must do what old say. This is bullying. Kids cannot talk to their parents looking at their eyes, they say that is disrespectful which is not true. we all should not have discrimination of race, gender, and age. This will help to decrease the bullying stages.



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