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Bullying, the Life Time Effect on Children

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Essay Preview: Bullying, the Life Time Effect on Children

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Colin Steffee



Mr. Jacob Aroz

Bullying, the life time effect on children.

Was there a time they ever seen a child get bullied and thought, what happen now? There are many children in the US alone that get bullied daily from peers to parents. It has a long-life effect on those children and can cause them a difficult life. It can range from Ptsd to them just not excepting love or trust from anyone. There are proven facts about children committing suicide or having severe depression and anxiety in their later years of life. Anxiety plays a big role in a child’s life as well if there a victim of bulling. There are many reasons why a child can get bullied or a Bully will pick on other children, but the main problem is what happens after the incident and how it can be addressed. Effects of Bullying has been proven to cause Trauma, Suicide and Anxiety in children.

Psychological Trauma and Stress is alarming for children that experience the challenges to overcome the overall emotional development throughout their future life after they have been a victim of being bullied in their earlier school years. Those effect of tormenting ranges starting with gentle with extreme manifestation of mental trauma What's more might have enduring antagonistic impacts On a individual’s an aggregation. It includes those repeated, deliberate utilization of hostility against a less powerful person (Whitney & Smith,1993). Thirty-three studies in concluded that students earn lower test grades are most likely the ones being bullied and cannot score as high on those standardized achievement tests. (Nakamoto & Schwartz, 2010). Children are helpless and need adults with understanding to help them thru a situation they cannot get out themselves. Teachers and Parents should be informed about the effects of trauma that it has on a bullied child. They will live their life in fear if the trauma is not addressed and corrected. Children with severe trauma will grow up and have a hard time finding where they belong, this world is big and cruel and having children be raised and helped the right way is the way society can help them.

Furthermore, Suicide is also a leading cause that there are effects that bulling causes in children .there are thousands of children that committee suicide over the us it’s the third most leading causes for youth deaths. They are most adolescents in High school that cannot take the bulling any more. Most Students don’t have a Safe place to speak were they can explain who is hurting them and making them fell the way they do. Many of these studies between the association of the bullying and the risk of suicide However some studies show that verbal harassment, physical aggression, and digital tormenting are identified to increase the risk of a student committing suicide. (Klomek, Marrocco, Kleinman, Schonfeld, & Gould, 2008) Social and emotional problems come from depression that may lead to suicide risk in adolescent students. For instance, discouraged youths might experience issues feeling regular emotion and adapting when tormented. (Silk, Steinberg, & Morris, 2003). Bullying is a risk factor for Suicide. Students get harassed and hurt over verbal arguments and find that Suicide is there only way to get out of the Situation that they cannot escape. Suicide has become pure peer aggression with verbal, physical and mental abuse. Many Students are afraid to speak with adults or peer on how they are feeling because of the fear of being humiliated and bullied by more of their peers.

On the other hand, children are exposed to just having their feelings hurt and anxiety comes from some of that pain bullying causes it’s an emotion that is hard to control and conquer for youth. Anxiety is unsettling and can make feeling uneasy and tense of anticipation of an event that might be threatening to that person(Rachman, 2004). Helping a student with self-confidence and social acceptance can help between bringing down the bullying and make students accept one and other for who they are. It would be great to have a safe stop to speak openly and be supported by your peers in a support network group, it will lessen children being bullied for not being emotionally capable of expressing themselves. (Davis,2002) Students with Health care needs are more vulnerable to be bullied or be the one that is bulling them. There is no doubt that it has become a serious problem that effects children and adolescents in different ways such as Anxiety of school or just having the anxiety to express themselves to other peers. (Blood, Boyle, Blood, & Nalesnik, 2010; Erickson & Block, 2013; Twyman et al.) Bullying as a large effect on children and it could be the leading cause to Anxiety. They will be afraid of going back to school just, so they don’t have to be bullied. Anxiety will



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