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Bowling for Columbine

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Essay Preview: Bowling for Columbine

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Bowling for Columbine

The movie, Bowling for Columbine, explores many issues. I agree with how the movie really explores the complexity of violent crime. I agree with how the movie claims there is no one magic answer for violence when investigating the amount of guns, violent movies, violent video games and television shows. I also agree with the depiction of an insensitive NRA, based on the NRAs gun rallies shortly after two major gun-related tragedies, in the areas where they occurred. I do believe that the cartoon history depicting white people as fearful racists, committed to genocide is incorrect. I also disagree with the movies portrayal of the history of violence put forth by the United States and its military.


The movie does an excellent job of exploring what could be the root causes of violence in the United States. It first explores the correlation of gun ownership and high crime rates. You begin to see some patterns of high gun ownership and violent crime, when all of the sudden the theory gets blown out of the water, when we study Canada. Canada is a country of 30 million people with approximately 7 million gun owners. This is an extremely high ratio of per capita gun ownership, and Canada only experiences approximately 165 murders per year. As you can see, this totally contradicts the theory that the more gun ownership, the more violent crime that society will experience. The movie further explores other theories dealing with violent movies, video games and television. This movie revealed that there are many other countries that enjoy this violent entertainment; however, they do not have a high violent crime rate. The movie truly raises many questions, as to why American culture is violent and offers some explanations dealing with the media’s role in creating fear in our culture. Secondly, the movie rightfully exposes the lack of sensitivity demonstrated by the NRA. The NRA chose to hold a gun rally in Flint, Michigan shortly after a tragic shooting of a 6-year-old girl in Flint, and another rally in Denver, Colorado, approximately one week after the horrible school shooting massacre at Columbine High School. This affectively demonstrated a lack of sensitivity, as well as a horrible sense of judgment.


I disagree with the movies cartoon history of the United States. The cartoon portrays white Americans as fearful, genocide driven individuals, who are responsible for all of the evils in American culture. I believe this cartoon depiction is extremely



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