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Bnqp Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence

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BNQP Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence

BNQP Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence

        The health sector is the most dynamic and fast growing sector in the world. It must make use of the improved technologies, computerized machines etc for the better working. Now a day, quality management in health organization requires the top managers to not only look into the three principles of total quality, but also to the related areas. The world is fast growing, and managers working in the health field have to take adequate information for safeguarding the health of their clients, i.e. patients.

Managers who are using the Baldrige National Quality Program Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence must be highly qualified and trained. They must be able to know the connection between the process management elements and the needs of human resources. The BNQP criteria consists of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Focus on patients, other customers and markets, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, human recourse focus, process management and results.


        The managers who are implementing the BNQP criteria must possess good leadership skills and management. They must ne able to lead from the top. Because good and wise decisions always come from the top.

Strategic Planning

        It is an important criteria of the BNQP technique for performance excellence. A health care organization must have to be focused on planning and they must be able to plan for their coming future. As future is unpredictable, the managers must take little risk in planning for the organization. Kelly (2007).

Patients, Customers and Markets

        While analyzing the performance criteria, focus must be provided on patients, other customers and markets. For health care sector, patients are their clients. They are their markets. Hospitals have to attract more customers from markets through maintaining performance excellence. Spath (2009).

Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management

        BNQP performance criteria require measurement and analysis. Managers have to take steps for proper measurement and analysis of data. Knowledge management must also be taken into account.

Human Recourse Focus

        It deals with implementing new and large number of staffs while implementing a new project. Learning some thing which is new will take lot of time and pressure from the human recourse part.

Process Management

        Managers have to under the BNQP system very well. Then only they can realize their role in process improvement. It includes ensuring that the employees have proper information, provide them good training, and necessary tools for the successful performance. Lighter (2011).



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