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Blaster Issues

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By: Jane

My family background was from an agriculture-based economy that experienced changes in the U.S. economy by converting to technology. The country was in a developing stage of an industrial economy. As their first daughter in the family, they expected me to achieve the improbable possibilities of becoming successful in life. I am currently funding my college education through certain scholarships offered in the state of Georgia, such as the HOPE Scholarship; maintaining an above 3.0 GPA in only academic core classes. Technology has been a true passion throughout my significant life. For me, technology is always an evolving state of process, for people to master for future references. The computer represents the knowledge I can access at anytime and become entertained in the process of it. You could say computers are of a living entity because of the way they function. They need standard scanning of harmful effects such as viruses, worms, etc. Whenever I have spare time to do something, I take my valuable time and effort of creating programs for computers to run more efficiently, learn to building components of computers, and even educate my parents in using the computer. There is plenty of information you can obtain and discover from a single use of a computer and use it to your advantage in daily routines.

I'm the only one in the family who's capable of managing the technical problems of a computer, so I have the responsibility to be in charge of it. MS-Blaster infections were invading my computer thus, an unexpected turn of event, and I had to try everything in my power and knowledge to repair it. A worm is a program that makes and facilitates the distribution of copies of itself; for example, from one disk drive to another, or by copying itself using email or another transport mechanism. Facing off with a never-ending cycle of duplicating worms were extremely hard for me to handle. In order to prevent the system from crashing I had to start up my computer in Safe Mode without network support. On the task manager, I clicked on the Processes tab and looked for a process named "msblast". This process was the worm running in my computer memory. To remove it, I clicked on it and then pressed the End Process button. Now the virus is not running in the background, then I went to C:WindowsSystem32 folder and look for the file named msblast.exe. to delete it. Now the virus cannot be executed



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