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Birth Control

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Birth Control

Birth control is a great invention. Birth control does have disadvantages, but are the disadvantages are heavily out weighted by the advantages that are received by taking birth control. Also there are many misconceptions about birth control. These misconceptions are easy to explain.

Lets get the misconceptions cleared up. A common misconception of birth control is that taking the pill will cause the female to gain weight. This is untrue. However, if the female exercises less or eats more while taking the pill she will gain weight. Many women worry that taking the pill will decrease their chances of having a child when they are ready to stop taking the birth control. This also is false. The birth control actually protects the females ability to have children. Another major misconception that exist about birth control is that the pill may cause cancer. This is also not true. The birth control actually protects the user from two different types of cancer. Birth control does not protect the user from HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms should still be used to protect ones self from sexually transmitted diseases.

The disadvantages may be caused from side effects and a number of other things. The pills can cause headaches, depression or high blood pressure, but this is not common. The pill may cause cravings for certain foods at certain times of the month for some females. Some females have a harder time controlling their weight due to these cravings. Birth control may also be weakened by the use of over the counter drugs or other prescription drugs. The pills may be a little pricey if the user does not have health insurance. The pills may cause the female's breast to grow larger. For some females this may be a disadvantage. Also the user must remember to take the pill everyday.

There are many advantages to taking birth control. One major advantage is preventing an unwanted pregnancy. This prevents a child from being aborted or being brought into a world were the parent is not mature enough or financially prepared to provide for that child. Birth control protects against pregnancy's many different ways. The first way is that the pill prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg. If there is no egg there is nothing for the sperm to fertilize. The pill makes the cervical mucous thick so that the sperm cannot swim inside.



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